My Vote For Governor Dankwambo Is Not A Vote For President Goodluck Jonathan – PDP Candidate

By IG Wala

One of my reasons for contesting elections is to advance my struggles for a better Nigeria to a height, most appropriately, to help impact onto the lives of the people of my locality and those country men and women which can only be done politically. Therefore, the journey has started and we are learning and studying the good and the bad. One thing that is very much important to anyone that chooses to venture into politics in Nigeria, is to be conscious of his environment and those things that could influence him towards drifting.

I made mention of what influenced my decision to contest under the PDP, in a simple sentence, my own people are responsible for my political decision. Meaning, in my own locality, PDP is the party which my own parents, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends and all others people that have imparted and impacted onto my life are waiting to cast their votes.

The fact that this vote in question can only be given to me in a peaceful atmosphere, it is equally right to remember that my conscience is not for sale, my membership to PDP or any form of association is not and cannot be priced.

I am very much aware that my people are under an insecure condition, we are being attacked, killed and denied access to peace. It means, someone somewhere has failed to do his or her job properly. The insecurity situation in my region is enough to deny millions of us the atmosphere to live a normal life. Then, I cannot be carried away to forget that the leadership in my country and most individuals responsible for the protection of lives and property in the region have failed the people. At this very moment that elections are by the corner, it is critical to pay attention to those individuals that are vying for elective position because, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that the right individuals are elected into respective positions.

For a very long time, I have been in the forefront, criticizing the Administration of President Goodluck Jonathan not because I have known him personally but, because in my capacity as a passionate citizen whose interest on National issues cannot be underestimated, I stand to conclude that the decisions and actions of the President on issues bordering economics, security and politics are grossly inconsistent. Evidently, our economy is seriously under an emergency situation in the same manner that the security condition of the nation is terribly bad. Therefore, I cannot in anyway support the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan neither will I support the election of anyone among us that has the tendencies of failure. As an activist, I will sacrifice my time and energy to deny Goodluck Ebele any vote coming from the North Eastern region where he failed to fulfill the following promises:

1. How many times has he promised to end the insurgency and he has failed
2. He has failed to rescue the Chibok Girls,
3. Despite Millions of Dollars donations coming from other countries, he has failed to protect our children in schools under the Save the Schools initiatives
4. For all the promises/pledges he made on the need to boost the economy of the affected region, non of the money he promised was disbursed
5. The SURE P initiative remains a mockery of what it was meant for, because the youths and women were deceived while, individual Politicians and Governors were allowed to steal the people’s resources.
6. Under his watch, the top Military officers were accused of corruption instead, it is the lower officers and other ranks that felt the victims. Today, poor soldiers are sentenced to death when the corrupt Generals are still calling for toast with the President.
7. For the large number of homeless orphans and widows in my region, I will not vote for Goodluck Jonathan.

I repeat, being a member of PDP, my vote for Governor Dankwambo can never be a vote for President Goodluck Jonathan.
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