WATCH WITH CAUTION: Video of Jos Bomb Blast Victims


Bomb explosions at Bauchi road, Jos took several innocent lives Thursday 26th February.

It was one more in several incidents that same day and almost every day of un-abating Boko Haram terror, killing innocent people at bus stops and markets in Nigeria’s north.

Over 100,000 people have been killed in the five years of the Jonathan government which coincides with the five years of Boko Haram’s pogrom on the mainly Muslim north of Nigeria.

The video below contains horrific, graffic images. Only watch if you have the strength. It goes to show the level of horror experienced on a daily basis in the north of Nigeria.

In the video about five maimed victims and at least one injured victim with his guts hanging out could be seen. The camera man who sent us the video calmly advised the severely injured man that he should have patience, rescue officials will soon come for him.


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