WATCH: FGN Breaking The Law By Dispatching The Army To Police Nigeria – Falana Slams Government


Fiery attorney Femi Falana, SAN has again slammed the Nigerian government for deliberately violating the constitution by employing the military to usurp the duties of the police in policing communities.

Is This Military Dictatorship?

He said soldiers have no role monitoring polling booths or arresting criminal suspects. Further suggesting that at least 500,000 police must be immediately recruited, trained and properly equipped.

The lawyer said this while fielding questions about the herdsmen clashes on the Channels TV sunrise show.

Falana condemned the lack of arrest and prosecution of members of the police, state security service and other heads of security in Enugu who had been consulted by the governor ahead of the recent massacre.

He queried how and why the police commissioner was only redeployed and not fired and prosecuted.

Femi Falana ridiculed the nations army for its “temerity” to advise Nigerians on maintaining law and order when they are the only military in Africa to ever kill and secretly bury 347 victims in a single mass grave without due course and informing the families.

He raised the issue of the 2011 pro-Buhari riots which left as many as 900+ dead, saying that Nigerians must learn to fight for their rights and justice and sue the administration when it violates their constitutional right to life.

The attorney mentioned that what importance are other matters the government addresses if it fails in the primary and most fundamental right: the right to life?

Falana also decried another violation of the government by having officers other than the police bearing arms against constitutional stipulations.

He further mentioned that of all the massacres, the Odi, Zaki Biam and other massacres, the courts awarded the victims 166 million in damages yet the officers of the army who perpetrated the massacres remain employed and even promoted.