Watch Interview of Boko Haram Member By Civilian JTF In Borno

Interviewer- Do you have money in the bank and how much money do you have?

BH- I haven’t been to the bank withdraw for like 3 months now but I have money in the bank.

Interviewer- when you go on assignment to kill people, you kill and take their money? When you kill like 5 people how much do you get paid?

BH- what I get depends on the money i Bring. If its up to a million sometimes I get like 100k.

Interviewer- what do yo do with the money you get?

BH- sometimes I take it to the bank to save and sometimes I send it home to my younger ones.

Interviewer- how do you send d money to your younger ones?

BH- I go to Gamboru to give a driver who became my friend through my travels along that road his name is Abuna.

Interviewer- does your friend Abuna know or ever suspect you a BH?

BH- no he has never known or suspect that I am BH.

Interviewer- you said you collect at least a 100k, like how much money do you have in the bank? Talk to me I won’t allow anybody to beat you.

BH- I have like 1.5M in the bank.

Interviewer- are you sure the money is in the bank? Don’t lie to me. Do you have an ATM card or a booklet book for withdrawals?

BH- I won’t lie to you. I don’t use ATM card and my booklet book has finished.
Interviewer- what do you intend to do with the money?

BH- I want to get married.

Interviewer- Where’s the girl and does she know you are BH? Now that God has helped you and you want to quit this ideology how do you intend to go along with the girl?

BH- The girl stays in Dikwa and I intend to settle down in Ngala. She’s related to my mother but she doesn’t know am BH.

Interviewer- All these time you were a member of BH how come you haven’t married? What do you do with the women you kidnap don’t you married them off or what do you do with them?

BH- they had sex with them.

Interviewer- say we had sex not they. Don’t you have sex with them yourself?

BH- I do and we don’t even pray.

Interviewer- does the Amir pray?

BH- He doesn’t.

Interviewer- Why do you then say you do Gods work. When you kill ulamas who have mastered and are teaching the Quran? You even kill people among their families in front of their kids. You kill students and govt employees why?

Interviewer- you said you were forced to join. Have for once ever contemplated on using the guns you were given against your captors or the Amir?

BH- No

Interviewer- were you given anything to indoctrinate you then?

BH- I have survived for like 3 months on water only.

Interviewer- You said the first time you killed 3 people you were asked to drink their blood but you refused.

BH- yes.

Why then did you stay since you said you were forced to join.

BH- because if I run or refused to join I will be killed.

Interviewer- you were afraid of dying how come you kill inocent people? Do you think you were fair?

BH- its not fair.

Then why dint you die and be a hero than kill inocent people? You ve killed and cause so many inocent souls to be killed.

BH- I decided to leave BH over night because my marriage is close.

Interviewer- do you know any prominent person here that is helping your org with money or weapons drugs or foods?

BH- there are 3 men that come to the bush. One is Mohammed Ibrahim Senior Amid and assistant Amid they stay in GRA Maiduguri.

Interviewer- don’t lie to me and don’t just mention a name if you lie I ll know remember I told you I am an Amir too and if you lie I will know. Do you know where they live or work?

BH- I don’t know where the live but I know they work for the government.