“We Are Done With Fear!,” ‘Vaccines Not From Heaven’s GATES,’ “Vaccines Are Up To The Person. There’s Nothing Special About Them…” New Surgeon General Ladapo Says

DeSantis and Dr Ladapo at introduction
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Florida’s new Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo has announced that Florida is done with approaching public health policy with fear, which leads to bad results.

“Fear Does Not Lead to Good Decisions” – Dr. Ladapo

While being sworn in by Flordian governor Ron DeSantis, Dr. Ladapo said:

“Florida will completely reject fear as a way of making policies in public health. So we’re done with fear… That’s been something that’s been, unfortunately, a centerpiece of health policy in the United States ever since the beginning of the pandemic and it’s over here. Expiration date. It’s done.”

He further explained that they are compassionate and understand what Covid has done, but said the way to approach it is in a positive way, adding that “fear does not lead to good decisions.”

DeSantis swore in Dr. Ladapo on September 21st. Dr. Joseph Ladapo who prior to being appointed, was working as an an associate professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, obtained a B.A. from Wake Forest University, and went on to obtain an MD and Ph.D. from Harvard University. He then taught at the NYU School of Medicine and UCLA.

New Approach

The new top doc announced that the state will make a clear delineation between science and opinions.

“We’re going to be very explicit about the differences between the science and our opinions,” he said.

“What’s been happening over the past year is that people have been taking the science and they’ve been misrepresenting it … it’s been unclear when the discussion about science ends and discussion about how you feel about the science and what you want people to do with the science begins.”

Saying in the past the science has been misrepresented. He promised that will never be a problem in Florida hence forth as the state will clearly separate the data from their preferences on public health.

“Public health is not about a single item. It’s not about how many cases of COVID there are in a location — that is a part of public health but it’s not the only thing,” Dr. Ladapo further said “That’s over. It’s not going to happen here.”

“The state should be promoting good health, and vaccination isn’t the only path to that. It’s been treated almost like a religion, and it’s just senseless, right, there are lots of good pathways to health and vaccination is not the only one. So we support good measures to good health, vaccination, losing weight, exercising more, eating lots of vegetables…”

Bill Gates the Prophet of Vaccination and largest investor in vaccine companies

Asked on vaccine fears, Dr. Ladapo accused scientists “my colleagues” of taking the science and misrepresenting it, which he said contributed to public distrust. Adding that “we are going to be about education.” “We are going to be about prevention” he said.

‘“Vaccines are up to the person…There’s nothing special about them compared to any other preventive measure.”

Announcing a new approach to public health in the state, Dr. Ladapo said, “We are going to have a positive approach, from now.” And he quickly announced new sate policies that made parents have the “sole discretion” over masking and quarantining their kids, not the schools. The new policies also adds that a child exposed to Covid-19 may continue to go to school, “without restrictions or disparate treatment, so long as the student remains asymptomatic.” 

The Doctor on Tuesday had condemned the way children who needed to be in school were kept out of school for so long.

“Quarantining healthy students is incredibly damaging for their educational advancement. It’s also incredibly disruptive for families, all throughout the state of Florida,” DeSantis had said. The governor added that an Oxford review of quarantined students found that over 98% were not Covid positive.

‘The Powers That Be Probably Hid Monoclonal Antibodies “Effective Treatment” to Promote Vaccination,’ –DeSantis

While introducing the state’s new medical chief, Dr DeSantis also decried Dr. Anthony Fauci’s record on COVID-19, he said monoclonal antibodies was known as effective treatment since it was used by former president Donald Trump. The governor said many doctors simply told patients to go home and wait, rather than offering them the revolutionary treatment. Explaining that he felt this was done possibly to promote vaccination.

Governor DeSantis said,

“Telling the truth I think is important and I think that’s what Dr Ladapo understands, that you got to tell people the truth and you got to let them make decisions…”

Lockdowns Lead to Deaths

Answering questions on lockdowns, Dr. Ladapo said,

“There are good reasons to reject lockdowns….so, one of the things again with misrepresentation of science is that a great study, a really high-quality study came out of the National Bureau of Economic Research a few months ago and no one heard about it because it didn’t fit the agendas that um that some of our public health officials have been uh have been advancing. And that study showed that in the United States after lockdowns overall mortality increased. Lockdowns are bad. Lots of reasons why they are bad.”

No More Noble Lies on Natural Immunity

Supporting Dr. Ladapo’s expression of frustration with “fellow doctors” who he said try to pretend that natural immunity does not exist, the Florida governor jumped in and explained that he feels the reason certain parties justify their political and “noble lies” downplaying natural immunity, is that they say they feel some people may become ‘bug chasers,’ chasing the infection. The governor however said that even if some are foolish enough to, it is not a reason to tell these noble lies, and promised the new attorney general, “Joe” will tell the truth to the public.

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