Wealthy Arab States That Sponsor War Against Syria Refuse To Take In Refugees

  • Lebanon and Jordan host almost 2 million refugees while the rich Gulf states host none
  • The same Gulf states that have refused to take in refugees it can be remembered were so involved in sponsoring the rebels and terrorists against Syria, they offered to foot the cost for an American invasion

Syrians fleeing war are driven to board precarious boats to cross the Mediterranean. They crowd onto trains and climb mountains. They risk detention, deportation, and drowning.

There is growing evidence that the people dying to reach the shores of Europe are fleeing not only war in Syria, but oppression in other Middle Eastern states.

As pressure rises for European leaders to resolve the refugee crisis, critics are also asking why Middle Eastern governments have not done more to help the four million Syrians who represent one of the largest mass movement of refugees since World War Two. Much ire has focused on the relatively wealthy states along the Persian Gulf. According to a report by Amnesty International, the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council offered zero formal resettlement slots to Syrians by the end of 2014. Read full on Time