“Without Arabs There Would Be No America,” Gaddafi Said In War Of Words With Saudi King [Text & Video]


During an Arab summit meeting in 2010, late outspoken Libyan leader, Muamar Gaddafi as typical of him slammed the Saudi King Abdullah for partnering with the United States as desperate enough to “strike a deal with the devil.” Slamming the King openly as he had done severally including when he predicted his demise, late King Gaddafi would not agree for a closed session but lambasted the Arabs for colonial slavery and inviting Americans into what should be solved within Arab Gulf nations.

As King Abdallah vexed and later walked out, Gaddafi declared that if it were not for Arab states there will be no America today.

Here is the full exchange between the two late Arab leaders:


“He (King Abdullah) said ‘America is a powerful country, who could prevent them from entering into the region?’

“I said ‘how could America just go into a sovereign country?’

“We later on met and he said ‘Iraq (after Kuwait) invaded Saudi Arabia!’

“I said ‘how come?’…He said ‘we went to see it and there were hundreds of Iraqi tanks on Saudi front’

“The reality is that in order to defend itself at that time, Saudi Arabia would have made a deal even with the devil himself! So, Saudi Arabia called for the US forces in.

“And yeah, the Iraqi threat under that situation was a source of worry for our brothers in Kuwait, Saudi and the Gulf …and America has vowed to protect these regions because it is indeed a very important place for source of energy.”

***Saudi King attempts to comment


“So…if you have any correction, please go ahead brother Abdullah”

King Abdullah

“This thing has stopped working!

“Your excellency Mr. President(Gaddafi), your talk requires a response.

“Saudi Arabia is a frontage (you said).

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country … the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not a slave of colonial forces like you and others!

“Who brought you into power?!, you, tell me the truth! who brought you into power?!”

“Do not speak or indulge yourself in things you’ve no business with!…and the (lie) is before you, and the (grave) is in front of you!”

***Saudi King starts to walk out


“What is he talking about?

“The solution to the problem is in the Arabs hand… especially for our brothers in Kuwait. They can sort out the problem…

“This is an Arab-Arab problem not an American-Iraqi one!”…

*** “Someone says, “request for closed session.”


“No, no closed session talks…there should not be any closed session talks!

“Look, if it were not for the Arabs in the Gulf, there wouldn’t be any America!”


Gaddafi was killed a year later in a joint NATO-America, Saudi-Qatar led bombardment that saw 50,000 sorties dropped on the African nation all the road from Benghazi to Tripoli to allow a mercenary terrorist force invade and eject the nation’s popular leader.