Witness Describes Calm of Muslims As They Were Being Murdered by Govt. in Kaduna Protests

July 26, 2014


by Ibraheem Waziri

I just didn’t like it that soldiers have killed many Shi’ites yesterday. I was locked in the traffic around PZ as at the time the incident. I was close to the roundabout where exactly the killing took place. I even heard the gunshots. It was only that I had no idea what was happening at that time. All of us around were struggling to find an outlet and run with our dear lives including our vehicles. Whatever happened that resulted in this clash left the Shi’ites calmer and most organised. They were all at the other roundabouts along the long road from PZ to TudunWada to Kofardoka managing the traffic. Some en mass where trouping to PZ obviously to control the situation and provide a shield for their brothers.

I am yet to have the details about why the army took the actions they did that yesterday but I will love to. I understand that as I am posting this, Sheik Ibraheem Al-Zakzaky is also preparing to deliver a press conference regarding the matter. We are home and all those around me are advised to stay home until after the press release and what may come after.

Mahmud, one of the killed sons of Sheikh Zakzaky
Mahmud, one of the killed sons of Sheikh Zakzaky

These are indeed trying times for Sheik Zakzaky and the Shi’ites. These are trying times for other Muslims who nearly lost Sheik Dahiru Bauchi only day before yesterday. These are trying times for Nigerians who nearly lost General Buhari day before yesterday. May the souls of the three Zakzaky’s children rest in perfect peace. May the souls of the other Shi’ites killed, rest in perfect peace. May AlJannah be their final abode. May Allah drag us out of these pits of dangers and uncertainties. May the agents of destruction – whoever they are – be tried in the circumstances that God deems fit for them. For He knows best how to deal with the terror that marks His ordained and loved servants!