Worst Military In Africa Responds To ENDS’ Cities In Sambisa And Myths Of Booby-Traps Article


And they did so in their typical way – failure. It is too late, there is no redemption for the Nigerian army – at least not while Jonathan is still President and Badeh aka Fat Alex is still CDS and Minimah is still the chief of the army. Definitely not that army the accused-of-being-a-Boko Haram sponsor Ihejirika used to head and not the one dictator Babangida’s boys head via the offices of national security led by IBB’s kith, Dasuki and the ministry of defense headed by their in-law, Gusau. No, that army tanked from the “best in Africa” to the worst in Africa. There was no need for the response from that army accused of having the richest heads in world history, Billionaires Ihejirika, Minimah, Badeh and co. Army chiefs who openly divided up thousands of hectares in land set aside for military barracks in Abuja.

On the 14th of May we released the article, “Cities In Sambisa and Myths of Booby-traps.” It detailed how we were lied to by the army. How they had claimed that Sambisa forest was booby-trapped and this was why they refused to bring back our girls or allow us brave hunters, vigilantes and ex-service men the permission to go and route out Boko Haram as we did in Adamawa to their shame. It described how the aerial videos the very army released displayed how Boko Haram lived in massive cities spanning several kilometers, hiding in plain sight in Sambisa and were no ghosts. It exposed the treachery and cowardice of the Nigerian army for failing to rescue our thousands of abducted and raped women and children trapped and birthed in cities in Sambisa for the many years. It underlined how when we viewed the videos we saw Boko Haram running freely helter skelter, not being bombed from above nor from the so-called mines that Jonathan, Badeh, Dasuki, Minimah, Gusau and co had claimed littered Sambisa.

Apparently in response, our army that tells us too little and does even less suddenly released a pathetic document to defend themselves. The press release by “ex” PRO Olukolade had one purpose and one purpose only: to talk of the “landmines” in Sambisa… you know, those so called booby-traps. I counted, the seven paragraph press release mentioned “landmines” mentioned FOUR times. Captioned “Despite Massive Land Mines, Scores Of Terrorists Die, Over 20 Women And Children Rescued, As Assault On Sambisa Continues” the article went on to describe how these landmines were, well, seriously landmines and yeah, “massive” ones.

It is a sorry story. Jonathan has turned our army from the best in Africa as we used to pride, to the worst in Africa. Our army has had the most desertions in recent history. The most battle absconding ever in documented history. We have had the most court martials in perhaps the world history. We have had the worst case of diversion of funds and corruption of army bosses ever I am sure. Pity our Generals fired and soldiers dismissed were only victims of the desperate situation sired by the corrupt army chiefs who squander all the funds for kitting and feeding the troops. Our army has to rely on foreign mercenaries to do their job. We cannot cooperate with our neighbors nor keep them at bay. We cannot fly planes nor fly drones, when we do we crash them. It is only foreign hands manning all air missions, we have been reliably informed. This army has squandered the money to buy, otherwise does not have or lacks the wherewithal to use anti mine and mine clearing tanks. As some have said, it is a twitter army, only efficient at waging twitter and media wars.

The only thing this army is good at is lying and killing sheikh Zakzaky’s innocent sons as they peacefully parade; raiding newspaper stands and burning BRT buses.

They should not bother defending themselves again. This army is finished. Ragtag Boko Haram has revealed the effect of corruption in the last facet of the Nigerian fabric. Now I understand how and why this army could not organize a coup to save their face and the lives of Nigerians while we were under Jonathan’s kakistocracy – it was because they lacked the capacity to. They can’t even overrun a girls-only nursery school.

No need defend yourselves… you can’t! Too many people we love died in Borno. We will never forgive, we will never forget the last six years.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian