You Will Be The Only One-term Governor Of Kano #iStandWithKwankwaso

Rabiu Kwankwaso

by Kawu Sule Rano,

I have listened with interest the diverse opinions expressed by the good people of Kano State over the recent tussle between the incumbent Governor of Kano State H.E. Ganduje and his predecessor and political mentor, Distinguished Sen. Engr Dr Rabiu Kwankwaso.

What I made out of the facts I gathered is that there are sycophants who successfully turned the whole scenario to their advantage.

As a supporter of Kwankwaso I am not using this platform to judge anyone, but I must say that those pushing Ganduje into the stage for this political boxing are not wishing the Governor a very good ending. My reasons are simple and even a foreigner can understand them: Kwankwaso is a kind of personality that matches words with actions. He is the architecture of modern Kano looking at his antecedents.

Rather than this commotion, Ganduje and his men should have been busy copying, and if possible, improving upon the achievements of his boss, Kwankwaso.

A brief review of what Kwankwaso did to Kano people in just four years will help you to better understand my point. His achievements speaks for him, not mere wordings. Mr. Ganduje should be in the field and stop making promises that you can not be fulfilled

One good quality of Kwankwaso is that he never reduces himself to a status of a spokesperson. He allows his spokesperson to speak for him, whenever there is problem with the content, he rectifies. But a leader who says white today and black tomorrow is not someone deserving our audience. Appoint whoever you want to appoint, remove whoever you

Appoint whoever you want to appoint, remove whoever you want remove; buy whoever is so cheap to be bought. Our boss will patiently wait until it is 2019.

Once it is time for you to leave, our true leader knew how to guarantee your exit. Signs are ripped that you will be the only one tenure governor of Kano in recent time.