Zakzaky: Family Members Lament At FGN Unconstitutional Denial Of Visit Rights

Loaded in a wheel barrow
Still on the Zaria massacre
by Harun Elbinawi,
The reason why the Nigerian authorities are preventing people including his close family members from having access to Sheikh #Zakzaky was due to his health condition. He was shot four times by the Nigerian Army & tortured by them. They are trying to patch him up before allowing the public to have access to him.
His health condition is more serious than what the Nigerian authorities are presenting to the public. The Nigerian oppressors do not want the world to know the present health condition of Sheikh Zakzaky.
Until now the Nigerian authorities have not given the exact casualty figure of those they killed in the Zaria massacre. They are trying to reduce the number of those they killed by Burying them in mass Graves so as not to attract more local & international outrage.
But the Islamic Movement have accurate records of all those missing, they are either among those killed by the Nigerian Army or those detained in various Police detention centers in Kaduna. A report yesterday by the Islamic Movement States that some of those who were injured & detained are dying in Police detention centers due to lack of medical attention. All these shows how wicked & cruel those in the helm of affairs in Nigeria today are.
The tyrannical regime in Nigeria has infringed on the fundamental rights of Sheikh Zakzaky & his followers who are in detention by denying them access to their Lawyers & their close family members.
And the genocidal Nigerian Army Chief Buratai reported to the Nigerian Human rights Commission that an “assassination” attempt was made on his life. This is part of his dancing of shame in the market for his brutal killings of defenseless Nigerians. No matter how long it takes the long arm of justices will catch up with these wicked criminals who had cheapen the lives of Nigerians.
My last message to the Nigerian Govt is to please release the corpse of those they killed in the Zaria massacre to their families to proper Islamic burial. You do not respect them when they were alive by brutally killing them, no that you have killed them then at least respect them when they are death. Release their dead bodies to their families for them to be laid to rest. They were Nigerians, at least you can not deny them that honor of being Nigerians.
Harun Elbinawi