Zakzaky Is Not Blind; DSS Trying To Instigate – IMN

Sheikh Zakzaky, bereaved of three sons

A member of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) has rejected the news that Sheikh Zakzaky has lost his eyesight.

Explaining the latest status of leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, a member of the movement Hassan Bala asserted “the only reliable news is that the physical condition of Sheikh Zakzaky’s wife is improving and the leader himself is still alive.”

In response to a question about some negotiations to prepare grounds for Zakzaky’s family to meet him, Bala said “unfortunately, the efforts to set a meeting with Sheikh Zakzaky have failed so far.”

Hassan Bala also noted that “despite the passage of several months, the Nigerian government refuses to deliver the bodies of Nigerian martyrs whose number reaches about 2000 people.”

The official added that the country’s imprisoned Shias are not well treated by Nigerian militants; “one Shia captive has passed away as a result of lack of medical attention to his physical conditions.”

The IMN member also said that the anti-government protests in support of Sheikh Zakzaky are still ongoing underlining “in addition to daily protests and demonstrations, the people of Nigeria form gatherings in front of governmental institutions aiming to express solidarity with Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.”

Hassan Bala further pointed to some published reports in the media that one of Zakzaky’s eyes has been blinded emphasizing “the report is not confirmable since none of his family members have been able to visit the prominent Shia cleric.”