Zaria Eyeball Theft: The World Of Inhumane Humans

By Malam Isah Abbas Ahmed

In the couple of days, my hometown; Zara; made a lot of negative, sad, regrettable but unusual headlines

I know a lot of people have been looking up to my write-up about the boy whose eyes were forcefully removed by some agents of satan on earth in Zaria.

A promising 4yrs old boy. The son of Usman, a long distance driver. His father have hope in him. He has, since, enrolled him into Islamic School (Islamiyya) and just perfected his registration with a private school (Assabiqun) with the hope that he will start attending on Monday 1st February 2016. Unknown to Usman, his son Sadiq will loose his sight to this evil and inhumane act by heartless, faithless and devilish INHUMANE humans.

Another victim

I was called and alerted when the incidence happened. I was so reluctant to say a word base on the fact that I couldn’t imagine nor believe it happening.

The first thing that went straight to my mind was putting my own son in the shoes of Sadiq and myself in his father’s shoes. Do same and think of the pain going through their minds.

The irony here is. This boy is an innocent soul. He has offended no one for him to undergo this devilish act. He knows nothing as painful as what was done to him without any reason whatsoever.

It became worst to me when I spoke with Usman; Sadiq’s father. It wasn’t the man that made me bursted into tears but when I overheard Sadiq’s emotional voice begging his father that: “Baba don Allah ku bude min idona, inaso in ganku.” meaning; “Daddy please open my eyes, I want to see you.” I couldn’t hold on to the call at that time because I wept like a baby and didn’t want the father to know I was weeping as that will weaken him.

To the glory of Almighty Allah (SWT) we are lucky to have an Emir like no other. An Emir that always have his people at heart. An Emir whose first priority is well-being of his people and defense of the defenseless. The Emir of Zazzau promised to take care of Sadiq’s eye treatment as far as taking him to India. May Allah continue to reward him abundantly.

To everyone that want to support or encourage Sadiq’s family, Usman; Sadiq’s dad can be reached via: 07034555995.

To these faithless devils, I want to assure you that you did not take away Sadiq’s sight. For by Allah’s grace, even of he did not regain his sight here on earth (which we are hoping he will), he shall see in the next world where you will be severely punished deep inside HELL!

To the government, I wish to plead for continues support of Sadiq’s wellbeing and education. Government in collaboration with traditional fathers who are closer to these communities should intensify security across their districts, villages and wards.

For more information and support, contact:
1. Haruna Shehu: 07081470940
2. Musa Suleiman Afaka: 08034584875
3. Jibril Abbas Zaria: 08038203134

We wish Sadiq the best life could offer for the rest of his life.