Mysterious creature found in Nigeria and Ghana, no Indonesia actually, the ‘Jenglot’


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February 25th, 2012

NewsRescue- A video was posted in January on Youtube of a very strange snakelike creature with human-like features, hair and upper body and snake tail, supposedly found in Bui Dam in Brong Ahafo region of Ghana.

Well it turns out that that video was a fabrication. The same video of the same supposed creature was first posted online as a find in Indonesia way back in January 2011. The video above is the original video from January 7th, 2011 and posted out of Indonesia.

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The dubious people who posted the 1 year old recycled video, adjoined this commentary on youtube:

This creature is reported to have been captured at Bui by engineers working on the dam. They say a number of efforts to construct the bridge failed because it’d collapse the day after; hence, they increased vigilance leading to the capture. Hmmm. [Youtube]

Ghanaweb, a popular online editorial described that this ‘really happened’, even going to extent of writing that the ‘same monster was said to have appeared in Togo and Nigeria, causing alarm among residents.’ They even went as far as describing this recycled- from Indonesia- find as 100 meters long!  Gosh! The length of a football field. The story has spread so much that Bui Dam officials had to officially  deny the ‘Maame water’, ‘mermaid’ find tales.

Half Human, Half Snake Girl Found In Hotel Room In Warri?

We investigated further and found that the same images from Indonesia had been propagated earlier, around 17th February in the Nigerian online media, primarily stemming from a popular forum. The fabricated story which takes its roots from Naijapals claimed a hotel lady had mysteriously transformed into this half snake creature. Naijapals handle, ‘Phat_Angel_Roa‘ who posted this fabricated story of the recycled creature on Naijapals, also posted the ridiculous claims below:

Apparently, a girl has changed into a big snake at the Hotel Excel in Warri today. Half part Human and the other half a snake. And apparently the hotel is crowded at the moment with people who want to get a closer look at the creature. It is also said that officer of the Nigerian Military, SSS and the Police force are presently at the hotel right now to search for the unusual creature.

Many other ‘credible’ Nigerian news and information platforms carried the fantastic tale, which has now been revised, revitalized and found its way to Ghana.

The danger of the internet can not be over emphasized. In our story earlier this February, we ‘caught’ a popular online Nigerian website, OnlineNigeria engaged apparently purposefully in recycling propaganda video to provoke unrest in Nigeria. In that story, a video of a beheading that occurred in far away Somalia, three years earlier was recycled and posted as having occurred this year in North Nigeria.

The fabricated story of recycled news garnered up to 200 angry responses on OnlineNigeria and certainly left a permanent and contagious feeling of resentment and distrust, that invigorates the vicious cycle of ethnic, religious and tribal sentiment and death in Africa. There is great power and as great danger in today’s internet.

Cheap publicity tactic for online media or expensive war

In both stories we do not even get into ascertaining whether the videos are real or fake, before already finding so many problems and dishonest manipulations. Sometimes these are done for cheap publicity and sometimes for more sinister motives. Always ‘rescue’ your news.


More on the ‘Jenglot’, found in Indonesia.

The Jenglot, with human head and snake body scared people in  Bojonegoro District. According to the reports on it, the mermaid-like thing was first found by an old man near the river beside his house. The Jenglot’s  body measures around 18 centimeters to 20 centimeters. It’s facial features include two white eyebrows, with glaring eyes, and two canine teeth. It’s total length from tail  to head is about 90 centimeters and it has claws. According to Indonesian news sources, several of these have been found, usually by ‘native doctors’, some have been recognized to be fabrications- monkey, fish and snake combinations- and others have not been examined to determine their authenticity.

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    this is very serious

  • Elvis Edimo

    the wise wud always agree that there is sense in in every nonsense.So the fact that science has not been able to prove something today does not mean the thing cud not be true especially if it has to do with nature cos the world is full of endless possibilities and i dare say this is cud be just one those.Here in Nigeria we have been told stories about some half fish half human creature(the mamaid) like other parts of the world wud have been told.Now i believe the people of Old cud have know a thing or two about something which some of them preferred to keep their mouth shut about.This world is mysterious one

  • Mysterious indeed! but JESUS is greater than all.
    Those are the kind of devilish 75 virgins that await Terrorist in Hell, according to their dead fake prophet.

  • Mysterious indeed! but JESUS is greater than all.

    Those are the kind of devilish 75 virgins that await Terrorist in Hell, according to their dead fake prophet.

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    i dnt think so it did not happn

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    infact i have never seen some thing like this before.

  • the world is mysterious, the people in it is also mysterious, therefore, there is no doubt that mysterious set ups will not orcore……………..??

    kuro nodi briggs

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    These creatures  are  not in existence.  They are not true creatures .

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    This is just a joke cos this creature was never found in Ghana it was found in Indonesia….Journalist in Ghana are lairs..

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    All what you are seeing , hearing  or read in the news, are not just for nothing ,  there are more to      see and hear  than the past. They are paving way for the coming GREAT DAY ahead.   Who can tell how it is going to look like. You are hearing it , you are seeing it  but you  do not believe .  You shall see more  fearful  things ,hear more fearful happenings, even  WAR s. Read your Bible- CHRIST is the  only ANSWER. Expect More.

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    Is this a real picture or computerized gimmick?

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    nothing  is new under the sun

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    This is real.i am not saying i have seen the creature before neither was i there when d creature was captured but d issue is that d end time is fast approaching.any who is wise should xling to d real creator.

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    Doesn’t look fake to me but am aware that there are other creatures on this planet part from man and his animals

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    THiS IS FaKe!!!!

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    Well, it could be real but, misterious things must have gone wrong somewhere maybe using man for rituals. I havn’t seen any but in Africa damn things happens.

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    Let us come to the conclusion that what
    God has not created can never been seen with our two naked eyes.


    I think is time that we should come closer
    to God. Devil with his agent they trying
    to deceive people that, they have power to do undo things, and every things about
    there own is fek and confusion.

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    All other beings will expire except the supreme majesty GOD almighty.

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     this creatures are fake, man made objects to get attention 

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    why lie like that? is it because their father the devil is at it again?

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    is that a doll?are u making nonsense?the photos pasted in google of that creature’s hair:thin in one thick in one, long in one, short in one eyes:in photo no eyes ;;;;;in video it is like avatar cinema