Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq: The Militant States Made In The USA

June 12, 2014


Watch Iraq falling into the hands of radical Islamists. We have seen this before. We are seeing this right now else where. In Afghanistan in the 70s, the United States created militant Islamism to wage a proxy war against their Russian foes. Osama Bin Ladin and other Mujahideens were imported, armed, trained and praised by the United States as their proxy warriors dealing the last blow to the ‘enemy’ Soviet Union.

A University of Nebraska school book project actually printed a whole set of special textbooks for the children of Afghanistan to teach them war. A is for apple, J is for Jihad, R is for Rocket propelled launcher, was the type of material in the books. The math went, if you kill 5 out of 7 Russians, how many are left to be killed.

The Afghanistan mission marked the beginning of modern day terrorism and radical Islamism. Afghanistan became the first Radical Islamist nation and has since remained the nidus of al Qaeda – terror to the world.

Under Moamar Gaddafi, Libya was a regional stabilizing force. But the minute there was opportunity in a little chaos to topple the regime, the West engaged without care or consideration of the aftermath. Radical Islamists including the US backed LIGF, were recruited from all over to topple the Gaddafi regime. 50,000 sorties dropped along the entire hostile road from Benghazi to Tripoli helped an unpopular rebellion to crush the majority in Libya in a 6-month long, drawn out battle. Today Libya is a mess. Hundreds of independent militant leaders hold sway in the nation with a central government that lacks any capacity whatsoever. Libya by all measures is a terrorist state, exporting terror through AQIM to Algeria, through Boko Haram to Nigeria, through Daesh to the Middle East and so on. Evacuation of Americans in Libya is currently underway in the nation destroyed by foreign intervention.

In Syria, the West once again did their best to employ radical islamist terrorists from all over the world to topple the Assad regime. A three year long war during which NATO and their Saudi and Qatar allies assisted in spectacular prison breaks from Libya through Afghanistan to Iraq, freeing the worst terrorists the world has ever known to go help topple the Assad regime, is ending in failure. Assad triumphed against what he rightly called ‘terror.’

And now Iraq. The toppling of Saddam under false and illegal premise and the utilization of Iraq to spring terrorists to fight Libya has resulted in the destruction of Iraq. Mosul, the second largest city has fallen, Tikrit is falling, Anbar long fell.

And the clean up this mess, bombs, more bombs will be dropped from the Sky on Iraq. Iraq has not known peace and will never know peace again; nor has Afghanistan and nor shall Libya, thanks to western intervention.

It is time for a New World Order after all. One that does not include the Saudi Rotal family, America or NATO.