Another June 12, by Bassey Isoh

June 12, 2014


By Bassey Isoh

The cruel truncation of the populist nationalist movement at June 12 and the attendant hijack of the process paved the way for reactionary elements to maneuver the path and consolidate on their firm grip of our democratic structures. The result is the present skewed system that will see no corruption, hear no corruption, fight no corruption, respect no human rights and promote tribal and religious divisiveness. They have by their intrigues rendered the majority of the citizens incapable of holding rational objective opinion on national issues. Some of us and not all of us know we are not in a civil/democratic rule. General Obasanjo, recently said that “Abiola deserved to be honoured, he sacrificed for the nation”. Until we go back to visit and atone for the sins against June 12, revive that nationalist movement, reclaim our democracy, begin to tell ourselves the truth and set things aright, we shall continue to wade through the drudgery of our bleak national existence. Happy democracy day and God bless Nigeria