Alex Jones Takes No Prisoners on Piers Morgan Show

Jan. 8, 2012

NewsRescue- The editor of PrisonPlanet, one of the worlds greatest media outlets for non main-stream media(msm) and also a host of a radio show with millions of listeners in America, ‘took no prisoners,’ on the Piers Morgan show in a gun violence related interview.

Alex Jones, a staunch advocate for the protection of the second amendment, the right to bear arms, accused Piers Morgan of having fled the United Kingdom due to certain troubles.

Jones decried any attempt blame guns for violent crime.

When asked what he felt about 911 attacks, Jones clearly presented his awareness that it was orchestrated or enabled by the US government to pave a path to invade the Middle East. He gave examples of Germany where government coded arson was used to fuel the revolution.

Jones pointed out that his view on September 11th was not at odds with the media, as CBS and other main stream media had reported that building 7 was brought down by bombs.

The interview was fiery and at its end, Piers Morgan, the CNN anchor invited several speakers to comfort him on his being terrorized by the likes of Alex Jones and the millions of Jones’ American audience.