Allow Jonathan Fizzle Slowly Without Nigeria Falling With Him -Sheikh Gumi

Sheik Ahmad Gumi today reacted over the  invasion of the National Assembly by policemen on Thursday.

In a statement, the popular Sheikh said Nigerians should allow President Goodluck Jonathan fizzle slowly and not drag Nigeria down to fall with him.

Gumi in the statement titled ‘NASS blockade: Sign of Good Omen’, argued that President Jonathan is already in crisis following internal division within his People Democratic Party (PDP).

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi

See full text of Gumi’s statement below:

“The National assembly is the heart of our collective existence. It’s the core of the democratic governance and the antidote to political impunity and despotism. For long it has been paralyzed by the executive which capitalizes on their human weakness – greed. Now the hour is come. The NASS can never be the same again. This one and the next elected members by God’s leave. Nigerians are learning and very fast indeed.

“As for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan-who didn’t listen to the words of wisdom before- has already entered a cul-de-sac with his party. To many analysts he has failed, and all his strategies are flunking one after another. He is going down the drain of the merciless history and falling at acceleration. In fact, you only need to be at the peak to start falling down.

“Please Nigerians allow him to fizzle out slowly and naturally without dragging Nigeria to fall with him. He was told by his mentor that he was divisive. His sycophants said no. Now he is even able to break the honorables. This particular incidence has eroded his political potency if only his advisers will for once tell him the truth. PDP is this what you want to recycle? A divided nation?

“Sorry the Nigerian Military cannot come into the scene to any rescue – if that is in the pipeline. Our democracy has matured enough and thanks to the lopsided composition of the force that has weaken it even in the face of fragile almajiris.

“Any mutiny will be circumscribed and excised neatly. The nation is too big too large too diverse for any few adventurist and power hungry cabal. I don’t advice any military man to commit suicide.

“Let us surrender Nigeria under God to Nigerians.NASS and I.N.E.C over to you. May Allah continue to heal the nation for all. Amin.”