My App Frowned, by Perry Brimah

My App Frowned, by Perry Brimah
The App was in my way;
I could no longer let it stay;
So without further delay;
I decided to put it away;
Wait, are you sure you wish to delete?
Of course; I’ve decided, there’ll be no retreat;
If you uninstall, some things might not work you know;
That’s the point; I’m tired and ready to completely let go;
Your saved information will be lost also;
Create space in my life, go ahead undo;
You’ll lose your settings;
Well, so long as tis not my blessings;
You might want to reconsider…
What? Did an App just bicker?
At me, was that a snicker?
And then came something sinister?
What? Did the App just frown?
Promise me he’ll still stick around?
Surely he must be a clown;
Delete! You are going down!
I could swear I saw him sneer;
To a corner, he promise to adhere;
Since that day my system has never been the same;
And sometimes when it’s quiet, tell ya, I hear Jack call out my name;
Wait a minute, who changed that to “Jack?”
I could swear I typed “the App!”
― Perry Brimah 2014