As Northern Nigeria Unravels


by Hamza Suleiman,

There is no love and no glue holding north Nigeria together.

Sultan of Sokoto
Sultan of Sokoto

When Boko Haram ravaged the northeast, the north west and north central basically did not give a damn.

We have it on record that several northern governors were paying Boko Haram six digit emoluments to keep “their” problem in the northeast. We have a list of such governors including for Kano and Bauchi.

It is also on record that on several occasions when Boko Haram terrorists were arrested, the governors of northern central states; examples: Kano and Sule Lamido of Jigawa, released the captured terrorists and gave them transport busses and cash to kindly go back to “their Borno.”

That is how far the love of the northeast goes.

Had the Danfodio empire quickly stood up against Boko Haram plaguing the northeast, the crisis would have ended swiftly, but these Fulani-elite dominated regions did not give a hoot. There was no condemnation of Boko Haram from the Sultanate in spite of recurrent cries for such from the observant and distressed Nigerian socialites.

Sokoto Prince Dasuki was loading trailer with cash as Borno burned. His in-law and former NSA and US-spy in Nigeria and also former Minister of Defence, Aliyu Gusau, blamed for enabling Boko Haram establish in the northeast did the same. The northeast appeared to be a play or rather, trash ground for these Fulani sons.

Gen. Aliyu Gusau (Rtd), implicated
Gen. Aliyu Gusau (Rtd), implicated

It can be recalled that even certain strong party men like PDP chairman, Bamanga Tukur at the time praised Boko Haram as “fighting for justice.” This was the predicament that led to the near eradication of a discarded Kanuri empire.

With a series of stupendously wealthy bloated partner governors, SAS and Shettima who cared even less for their people, partners in crime who made statements like, “my people cannot read so do not waste your time with media propaganda against me,” Borno was to be killed and buried.

The reward of Borno governor with chairmanship of the northern governor’s forum has its deep message.

But the lack of love in the north extends way past this. Some argue that there never was a healthy, love relationship in “north Nigeria,” but rather a predatory and exploitative commensalism.

Firstly it is no secret that much of the northern elite despise President Buhari. There was not a single elite voice campaigning for him during the April elections. Not one. And that is apart from so many who were the men of the PDP. Buhari almost lost Atiku’s Adamawa..or did he actually lose it?

Atiku Abubakar
Atiku Abubakar

The masses did the trick. They made Buhari win, not the elite. The northern elite like most elite tick for cash.

While northern Imams are sponsored from Saudi Arabia to promote the Saudi intolerant Islam extremist doctrine in Nigeria, the northern elite have typically depended on government cash. A Buhari presidency would block that for sure and so hardly any one of them openly campaigned for him and a recording purported to be a northern elite being played by Radio Biafra proved this very point where a so-acclaimed “Alhaji” said they preferred Kwankwaso and did not want Buhari.

This noted. It is important to highlight the other schisms that further tear the fragile and economically broke north of Nigeria apart.

almajiri2Of Nigeria’s approximately 80 million Muslims, for the 45 million that dwell in the north, approximately 10 million are Shia. Of the rest 35 million, perhaps 20 million are Almajiri. Shia Muslims are in top places in and out of government, with the Emir of Kano suspected to be one or at least half and half. The current Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu is another notable Shia Muslim. Shia religious philosophy includes social justice and politics, while Sunni Islam as being promoted by Saudi Arabia today is all about spiritual aspects and lacks social training, thus leading to a dependent and intolerant unsophisticated social class.

The Shia Muslims have remained well organised and have avoided demeaning practices that debase their culture, like the Almajiri phenomenon as well as terrorism in Nigeria. The Shia have been accused of operating a parallel government like the Muslim brotherhood of Egypt did; maintaining their society and being a human rights, social upliftment, security and traffic as well as serving other functions to the betterment of society, particular their society and the anger of other less functional groups. This has angered the suffering Fulani and non-Shia northern empire.

“What Muslims need is not a new dictatorship or autocracy or theocracy by any name, but a political system founded on principles of justice and equity” – Emir Sanusi

In a press release today, the National Christian Elders Forum, NCEF, said,

“religious tolerance has become the bane of northern Nigeria…. we call on traditional, political, religious, academic, as well as business leaders of the region to swing into action to reverse the trend.”

Their statement continued,

“Lasting peace can only exist in an environment where justice, equality, and fairness reign. Northern Nigeria has to imbibe the spirit and the letter of Section 38 (1) of the 1999 Constitution that guarantees freedom of religious belief.” The NCEF also expressed regret for the incessant loss of lives to various forms of violence, mostly in northern Nigeria. PremiumTimes

Indeed the unravelling of core-north of Nigeria is becoming painfully clear and problematic to all. If this region does not wish to constitute a baggage to the rest of the nation, it would be wise to regard human life and communal progress over sectarianism, Wahhabi fanaticism, financial prostitution, and other vices and embrace a more tolerant and progressive humanity conscious character towards its children and near and far neighbors.

The world has changed.