Azoka Fedrick Theo Spreads “War College In USA Denied Buhari” Lies On Internet


buhari newThe Wendell Simlin, FFK campaign has begun in full swing with pro-Jonathan online terrorists beginning to fabricate all types of lies against chief opposition candidate, President Buhari and vice, Pastor Osinbajo. This as the political wing of Boko Haram has coincidentally also returned to attacking Churches and Mosques to try to spark up religious sentiment which the ruling party saw as an effective tol in securing a victory in 2011.

Azoka Fedrick Theo on his facebook page posted up a fake story with caption, “WAR COLLEGE IN USA DENIED BUHARI.” When asked where he got it, he replied, “research,” then posted “lol,” when people teased him for the fake production.

The fake story is some form of adaptation from a first version created by “HopeForNigeria,” a Pro-Jonathan sponsored group.

The fake story found its way to some fake forum, 234Forum and then to nairaland and so on.

We have submitted the lie to, a new website that is attempting to clean up the slander and libel that got Reuben Abati sued and had President Jonathan have to beg president Buhari to settle out of court and not collect the N1 billion in damages as well as having Reuben jailed with other consequences for TheGuardian where the libel was published.

FACT: President Muhammadu Buhari never claimed to have a Masters from the War college which he attended. The fabrications are being created to first distort then malign

Col Buhari attended the US Army War College Carlisle in Pennsylvania from 1979 -1980 and earned his command as a Brigadier General. The respected General Collin Powel attended the same school in 1976 to become Brigadier General. Some of Buhari’s classmates include General Beltson, General Thomas P Carney, General Bill Matz, General David E.K. Cooper etc. all of them are alive and can be reached and they will give glowing tributes of the man, Buhari, they know as their classmate. Ref

Buhari Ranked #6 In Famous Alumni Of US WAR College

1. Collin Powell
Born: 1937
Age: age 77
Birthplace: Harlem, New York City, New York, United States of America
Profession: Statesman, Politician, Soldier, Diplomat
Institution: U.S. Army War College, National War College, George Washington University, City College of New York, Morris High School + 1 more
Major/Field Of Study: Geology
Height: 6’1″

2. Dwight D. Eisenhower
Born: 1890
Age: Died at 79 (1890-1969)
Birthplace: Denison, Texas, United States of America
Profession: Politician, Soldier
Institution: U.S. Army War College, Abilene High School, United States Military Academy, Command and General Staff College
Height: 5’10”
Died: 1969
Cause Of Death: Heart failure
Place Of Death: Washington, D.C., United States of America

3. Walter Bedell Smith

Born: 1895
Age: Died at 66 (1895-1961)
Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America
Institution: Butler University, U.S. Army War College
Died: 1961
Cause Of Death: Myocardial infarction
Place Of Death: Washington, D.C., United States of America
Walter Bedell Smith : see more

4. Raymond T. Odierno

about… Born: 1954
Age: age 60
Birthplace: Hibernia, New Jersey, United States of America
Institution: North Carolina State University, U.S. Army War College, Naval War College, Morris Hills High School, United States Military Academy
Raymond T. Odierno : see more

5. James Peake
Born: 1944
Age: age 70
Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America
Profession: Soldier, Physician
Institution: Weill Medical College of Cornell University, U.S. Army War College, Cornell University, United States Military Academy

6. Muhammadu Buhari


ranker buhari

There will be many more in the next 42 days and then Nigeria will have peace.