Belarus to introduce chemical castration of pedophiles

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According to the General Prosecutor’s Office, Belarus intends to incorporate chemical castration in the program for treating pedophiles as part of an action plan to protect minors from sexual abuse and exploitation. Following authorisation from the Belarusian government, the agency disclosed the actions on Telegram on Monday.

The interior ministry was preparing amendments to the country’s criminal code that would include “compulsory treatment of persons suffering from pedophilia,” in addition to their court punishment, according to the statement.

The Health Ministry created and authorized “a clinical protocol containing an algorithm for the treatment of pedophilia, including the use of chemical castration,” as part of the action plan, according to the agency. A framework for the rehabilitation of sexual abuse victims has also been developed, according to the statement.

It further emphasized that Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko advocated tightening control over people previously convicted of pedophilia, including the use of electronic bracelets.

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According to the agency, the head of state supported its efforts to “establish administrative responsibility for promoting non-traditional sexual relations, gender transitioning, pedophilia, and childfree ideology.”

Chemical castration is conducted by administering particular medications that lower a patient’s sexual urge for an extended length of time or permanently. Chemical castration is legal in various states in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and other nations.

Chemical castration was introduced as an optional technique in Russia in 2012, requiring consent from the individual condemned for sexual abuse of kids.