Between South Sudan And The Hate Republic Of Biafra, By Nkenu Timothy Woma

by Nkenu Timothy Woma (@Timzy234)

With all honesty, Radio Biafra has gotten quite a lot of publicity from inception to date. This is partly due to the publicity pumped into it by its founders and donors but largely due to the media hype gotten from ‘non-Biafrans’ who either condemn it or sarcastically support it.

The aim of the Radio Biafra is to act as the ‘messenger of freedom’ from its founders to interested and prospective citizens of Biafra, a yet-to-secede nation (from Nigeria). Now, let’s take a break and look into South Sudan’s situation and relatively compare it to Biafra.

In 2011, the world (or at least most of it) celebrated the freedom of South Sudan from the then Sudan. Years later, today, the nation is still almost at the point it was (if not worse, that is).

The question now is why would a nation (South Sudan) whose aim was (and probably is) freedom from the oppression that there obviously was – still have conflicts going on even after achieving such freedom.

There are two major reasons for South Sudan’s ongoing conflict. The first is the greed on the part of the two rivaling factions, each wants power and control of South Sudan and is not ready to let go of that yearning for power.

The second reason is that there was no power-management strategy during the war against Sudan. There was no organization, no power shift blueprint in place should the South Sudan nation be in place (which it is today).

Using South Sudan as a ‘prophetic mirror’ for Biafra, the fate of the yet-to-be nation is almost obvious as it has both problems that South Sudan had before inception.

Taking South Sudan’s example out of the picture, the primary reason that today’s Biafra nation would fail is because it is not built on ideology or any reasonable grounds of oppression but is rather based on hate – nothing but pure hate.

An average supporter of Biafra would call a Northerner for example, a poor uneducated ‘goat’ yet cry foul that Federal resources are used to develop the North.

Realistically, the whole purpose of today’s (Radio) Biafra is to spread a campaign of calumny against the man at the center (President Buhari) and should the nation of Biafra accidentally succeed with the same agenda as it has today, it would be a nation that would be dead-on-arrival.