Biden Unravelling Trump’s Asia and Middle East Peace Initiatives

Trump Opens Riyadh Deradicalization Center - September 2017
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With the potential collapse of Afghanistan following president Biden’s botched Afghanistan exit, the world is weary the notable progress made in the past four years under the Trump administration is at risk of peril.

Afghanistan stands on the precipice of a civil war as betrayed Afghanis have started fighting the Taliban for control of the country in the aftermath of the United State’s unceremonious and extremely reckless departure.

A UK-schooled Afghan youth known as the “Lion of Panjshir” is leading an uprising from the mountains against the new Taliban government. 32 year old Ahmad Massoud is the son of a legendary mujahideen commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, and he is said to be working for Afghanistan’s former spy chief and vice president, Amrullah Saleh who supplies the “National Resistance Front of Afghanistan” as their group is called, necessary intel. Dozens are being killed as the battle wages.

What comes next in the fragile Middle East under the Biden administration? While Biden attempted to put the blame on his predecessor, who documents show had a plan for US exit, Biden cannot avoid responsibility for the chaos that has allowed sophisticated weapons fall into the hands of the Taliban. Trump has said that he would never have left Afghanistan this way and not left Americans and friends of the country helpless and at the mercy of the Taliban. If Trump had a meaningless plan, why did Biden follow-through with it? After all, Biden has quickly reversed some of Trump’s Middle East plans and policies. Whichever way you cut it, Biden is either to blame for following through what he calls a flawed Trump deal, or for his execution of it.

Trump Peace Initiatives

At risk are former president Trump’s remaining Middle East peace initiatives. How will Biden follow up on the execution of some of the most remarkable peace processes in recent history?

President Trump it can be recalled initiated an anti-Terror campaign right from the so-called capital of Islamic radicalism – Saudi Arabia. The deradicalization plan had the Saudi government promise to recall millions of books with extremist propaganda from Muslims around the world. See our article from September 2017: Saudi Arabia, USA Open Joint Center In Riyadh To ‘Remove’ Wahhabi/Salafi Terror Ideology From All New Islamic Text – Tillerson [Video]

This commitment to deradicalize and stop the process of exporting radical ideology was a phenomenal achievement under the ‘great negotiator’ Trump administration. Saudi Arabia is believed to have spent over $100 billion dollars promoting materials with extremist ideology around the Muslim world. Will such deradicalization agendas still hold as Biden loses face and the US loses respect across the world? And that if the Biden administration does not outright abandon the US’ recent foreign policy achievements.

Peace in Middle East; Cessation of Terror Bombings

Trump also upon entering office, worked responsibly with Russia to finally bomb and crush ISIS which had under Obama continued to grow and constitute a menace to the Muslim Middle East and larger world with the US previously turning the other way and pretending helpless. Trump forced ISIS that had under Obama, captured most of Iraq and lots of Syria, out of existence.

Under the Trump administration the US was able to use carrots and sticks to get Bahrain, the UAE and even Sudan in Africa to recognize Israel. What’s to come? Is the world going to return to the Obama and Bush years of seemingly never ending wars in the Middle East and larger Muslim world?

Is terror and recurrent bombings across capitals to return?