Big Scandal: Kano Sharia Court Workers “Confess” To “Theft” Diverting Funds

  • It is time to cut off some Sharia court workers’ hands

The Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission has uncovered fraud at the state Sharia Court of Appeal and Kano Road Traffic Agency (KAROTA).

Speaking to newsmen on Monday, the chairman of the commission, Muhyi Rimingado, said the Sharia court workers diverted state funds to private accounts.

“What the accountants of the Sharia courts do is fraudulent diversion of money into personal accounts. They have personal stamp and bank tellers, which they use in lodging money into their personal accounts,” Mr. Rimingado said.

He said the agency has substantial evidence against the Sharia Court of Appeal staff, which showed how the accountants divert public funds into their pockets.

Mr. Rimingado added that some top level officers were discovered to be behind the fraudulent act.

He said those involved have confessed culpability in the act.

Mr. Rimingado also disclosed that his commission, two months ago, discovered fraud at the state traffic agency, KAROTA, saying the agency short-changed the state government by lodging public funds into personal accounts.

He said even the N150, 000 charges levied on truckers were never remitted to any government accounts.

The chairman also told reporters the commission discovered a cartel diverting fertilizers meant for farmers.

Mr. Rimingado stated that already they have confiscated 7,200 bags from two local governments and that the people involved are facing charges.