Bill Gates, Vaccines and Population Control and the Death of 9 Nigerian Health Workers

Feb. 12, 2013

NewsRescue– You might be wondering what Bill gates has to do with the killing of 9 health workers in Kano state in Nigeria.

Well, a simple Google search of terms like, “Bill Gates, Vaccine, reduce, population,” will yield rather unusual results.

Not only the three journalists arrested by the Nigerian government as a sign of “action,” against the horrific murder of the Nigerian polio health workers by unscrupulous elements, are participants in the propagation of this concept that “vaccines are a globalist tactic of population control,” but hundreds of United States and other international editorials of all calibers have also been caught in this “conspiracy,” and raised this accusation by inferring to a statement made by Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates on vaccines in his “Decade of Vaccines,” talk at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in 2010 [Video appended].

During which he also pushed his weight behind the controversial “carbon-credit,” system whereby big corps no longer bother to cut their carbon emission, but rather “exploit,” the developing world – buying “land-for-trees,” from the natives.

Google search results for "Bill gates Vaccines Reduce Population"
Google search results for “Bill gates Vaccines Reduce Population”

There is no justification for the acts of terrorism carried out by these unscrupulous adherents to the Boko Haram cult insurgency ideology. Such barbarism has no place in the modern world or in any past period since the existence of humanity.

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However it is important, as important as it is for journalists to be prudent in their releases, for Bill Gates to quickly and clearly re-propagate his intended message to the world in clear terms, to avert similar recurrence.

Bill gates said on lowering the world population by 15%,

“Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent,”

This statement has been read to mean, “vaccines reduce population.”  But how it does so has been an active topic of attack, debate and mixed personal interpretation over the years.

Bill Gates has scantily clarified his statement on the basis of a population theory[citation needed], that “better health care, ensures better survival of children and consequently reduces the desire to have more kids.” This explanation is founded on a theory [citation needed], that with improved health care, which includes vaccines, survival of offspring is reassured, and parents who desire larger families to protect their name and their heritage, are less tempted to mass-procreate, in a sort of, ‘plant many so more survive,” primitive mentality.

What of the many more theories that suggest the other cultural and religious reasons for large families and that also relate the decreased family size in the western hemisphere with socio-religious and not health-care changes?

This theory has been regarded to be  insulting and degrading at the very least. The evolutionary-theory based insinuation that people procreate in larger numbers merely to increase the chances of more surviving children, is strange, animalistic and a bit extreme, one might say.

Due to the multiple issues the Bill Gates statement has raised, and also due to the actual fact that in the past, there is precedence of vaccines having been associated with infertility:

Previous vaccination programs have been shown to have covertly been used to sterilize women.  In 1995, the Supreme Court of the Philippines found that vaccines used in a UNICEF anti-tetanus vaccination program contained B-hCG, which when given in a vaccine, permanently destroys women’s ability to sustain a pregnancy.  Approximately three million women had already been given the vaccine. source

A fully published clarification has become necessary, not just to discourage the senseless killings, but also to abate the hampering of global efforts in eradication of Polio, and again to clarify the “derogatory” explanation also attributed.

It is quite pertinent and urgent, that Bill Gates in his noble efforts and capacity as an ambassador of research and the promotion of vaccines, malaria therapy and over-all better health care especially in the “developing world,” releases a comprehensive statement clarifying the misconceptions drawn from his TED statement.

Bill Gates Speaks on Vaccines At TED Conference