Borno Elder, Prof Khalifa Dikwa Slams FGN On ‘Indifference’ To #DaloriMassacre

Khalifa Dikwa, center

Is a press statement enough after Dalori attack?

A strong delegation headed by VP, defence or internal affairs minister should have been more appropriate but not a press statement by media aid Garba Shehu.

We from Borno are not happy with the advisors, not the president who has always shown concern to the security and safety of all Nigerians.

Buhari party ogun

While his Paris trip to address the European Parliament is excusable, we are confident PMB will act appropriately when he returns.

The Dalori casualties are in hundreds. Other attacks took place after that of Dalori (6km from Maiduguri).

This behaviour of showing that Borno lives are less sacred must stop forthwith.

There is a serious security/Intelligence lapse somewhere. The negligence must be swiftly addressed to stem future attacks.