Borno State Senators’ Vote For Corruption: Another Drift Into The Abyss

By Comrade Mahmud Muhammad

Borno state
30th Sep, 2015

It’s completely discombobulating to say the least about the Senators representing Borno South and Borno North who were presumed to have spent their youthful life “fighting” corruption and other malicious act in our great land #Borno to now turn to not only supporting but rather aiding and abetting corruption.

Yesterday, as a group of the masses enemies (read the Senators or better Sinnators) converged and pass a “Vote of confidence” on the embattled Senate President, Borno Senators (Sen. Muhammed Ali Ndume and Sen. Habu Kyari) were number two (2) and thirty five (35) respectively on the list I saw.

I now believe those who say you can’t judge a book by its cover. Going by the mien and disposition of this senators, one cannot but wonder whether they possessed or a powerful spell cast on them to warrant there brazen display of insensitivity.

nigerian senate

Is it the lobby for a “Juicy” Senate Leader and committee Chairmanship that is driving them or that Mr. Senator has a skeleton in their cupboard that they fears that the trial of Saraki if successful (and insha Allah it will not) will be beginning their own funeral?

Another dimension is the silence of elders and the party stakeholders from our two senatorial zones (Borno South and Borno North) on this matter when the entire people of the two zones are taken for a rough ride by these Senators because of there SELFISH as well as EGOCENTRIC ambition.

I (Comrade Mahmud) using this avenue to call on the well meaning people of Borno state in particular to begin a RECALL PROCESS because the Hausa proverb says “SABO DA KAZA BATA HANA A YANKA TA”. Also “IN KAKI JI BA KAKI GANI BA”.

A word is enough for the wise!

Yours in struggle,
Comrade Mahmud Muhammad