BREAKING: Leaked Audio Of Kano @GovUmarGanduje Bragging About Ordering Unprovoked Massacre of Muslims

Kano governor Ganduje


In an audio recently released, the Kano state Governor Umar Ganduje is heard speaking to Wahhabi extremist sheikhs and bragging about how he ordered the police massacre of Muslims of the Islamic movement during the Arbaeen trek November last year.

NewsRescue is unable to independently confirm the audio and has not gotten any response from the Kano state governor.

In the Audio the governor described how after a meeting with the Buhari government he had been instructed on measures of the Federal government to squash the Shia minorities. He said he therefore moved to disallow the peaceful symbolic trek and ordered the police to stop it at all cost.

Over 100 Muslims were killed and hundreds injured in that trek including 7-month old baby Zainab, when the police and army unleashed volleys of live ammunition and tear gas on them, unprovoked as participating witness Dan Fulani gave account.