BREAKING: Pro-Saraki Thugs Kidnap Buhari At Gun Point In Extreme Act of Terror [VIDEO]


Thugs linked to senate president Bukola Saraki Wednesdy held up Olanrewaju Ahmed Buhari at the court proceedings between Omoyele Sowore of SaharaReporters and Bukola Saraki in Ilorin.

The thugs kidnapped and held-up Mr Buhari who was wearing his Cabal Must Go T-shirt and whisked him away to the GRA area where they forced a false confession of being a thug sponsored by Sowore and stripped him of his shirt which they asked him to hold up.

The thugs then recorded the duress false confession and uploaded it on FaceBook.

SaharaReporters’ founder, Sowore described the event:

“This is Crown Olanrewaju Ahmed after he was kidnapped and tortured by Senate President Bukola Saraki’s aides and made to implicate us under duress as he was being beaten and stripped by Saraki’s thugs in Ilorin today. They uploaded the evidence in twitter and Facebook. This additional crime against humanity will not go unpunished!”

Olanrewaju Buhari is a popular activist in Ilorin who was has been deeply involved in the recall process against the corrupt senator and recently was pictured celebrating with teacher Biodun Baba who was intimidated and fired and then sentenced to court for comments critical of the senator from the state.

Mr Buhari celebrating with Mr Biodun Baba (wearing the flat-logo) on his acquittal

How Nigeria’s Senate President Bukola Saraki Freed Sentenced Killers On Death Row

Senate president Saraki is known for granting amnesty to a renowned killer thug sentenced to death in Ilorin. Known as Bola Ajia, he was later killed in a suspected retaliatory act.

Mr. Buhari and the Cabal Must Go movement is considering legal action against Nigeria’a senate president.