How Nigeria’s Senate President Bukola Saraki Freed Sentenced Killers On Death Row


Nigeria’s Senate President Bukola Saraki in 2010 as then Governor of Kwara state granted clemency to two convicted killer political thugs, one of whom, Bayo Ajia just got assassinated in Ilorin.

Late Bayo Ajia
Late Bayo Ajia

Bayo Ajia and Olayinka Are had been charged for criminal conspiracy and culpable homicide in the murder of Abdul Yekini Gobir and Abdul Ganiyu Hussein at a wedding party at Deens Motel along Western Reservoir Road, Ilorin on June 30, 2002.

They were sentenced to death by the Ilorin High Court and the Appeals court upheld the sentences in 2005 with the duo meant to be hung till their death for their crimes.

This was until the then Kwara State governor, Bukola Saraki decided to grant the killers and political thugs amnesty and pardon in 2010.

See: Appeal Court Upholds Death Sentence, Jan 11, 2006
Attempt by the duo of Bayo Ajia and Olayinka Are, both arch supporters of
former Governor Muhammad Lawal of Kwara State to escape from the hangman’s
noose received a jolt as the Appeal Court has upheld the death sentence
passed last year on them by a High Court of Justice in the state.

Accused of murdering Abdul Yekini Gobir and Abdul Ganiyu Hussein at a
night party at Deens Motel, Ilorin the lower court with Justice Jopseph
Fola Gbadeyan had found the 2 accused persons guilty and pronounced death
sentence on them or in the alternative receive the amnesty of the state
governor, Bukola Saraki.

The duo were said to have invaded the venue of the party in unmarked cars
and after dispersing the crowd shot the 2 men to death allegedly for being
supporters of the former governor’s political opponents and ensured that
they were dead before taking leave of them. Read judgement

In 2010, Governor Bukola Saraki pardoned his political thugs and killers:

Leadership: Nigeria: Saraki Pardons Two Criminals on Death Row

Ilorin — Kwara State governor, Dr. Bukola Saraki, has granted pardon to two notorious convicts in the state by having their death sentences commuted to pardon.

 The two convicts are Bayo Ajia and Olayinka Are, who were both sentenced to death by the state High Court on charges of culpable homicide in March, 2005. Leadership

But as fate would have it, 14 years later Bayo Ajia was gunned down at his car wash and machetted with his head cut into pieces to ensure he was dead.

There are rumors that Bayo was blackmailing Senate President Bukola Saraki before his sudden death.

Ajia was shot four times in the forehead and then matchetted to be sure
Ajia was shot four times in the forehead and then matchetted to be sure

Video of late Bayo Ajia when he was arrested by soldiers in 2014 for alleged impersonation