Amnesty: Nigeria Rewarding Boko Haram Terrorists

Chibok girls still missing

Buhari Is Training Abductors Of Chibok Girls While Borno Youth Remain Jobless


In the so-called “safe corridor initiative,” Nigeria has begun training about 800 “repentant” Boko Haram terrorists in “skills acquisition” to reintegrate them back into society.

The Director General of the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, Alhaji Sani Sidi revealed this in Abuja during a joint public hearing on the North East Development Commission, NEDC according to a Nigerian Pilot report. This is being coordinated by the new CDS Major-General Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin.

Nigeria’s anti-terror bill states,

“(2) without prejudice to sub-section (2) of this section, where death results from any terrorist act, the penalty shall be death sentence.” Terrorism Prevention Act of 2011 as amended in 2013, Part 1, subsection 4.

Terrorism Gets Death, Conspiracy Gets Not Less Than 20 Years 

In February of 2013, the senate ratifying the bill, OK’d the death penalty for terrorists. Quoting Vanguard’s “Senate Okays death penalty for terrorists” article:

‘THE Senate, Wednesday, descended heavily on terrorism perpetrators as it recommended a capital punishment for those found guilty of the act… New amendments to Section 17 of the Terrorism Act, gave a clear distinction between “an act of terrorism” and “an act of conspiracy.” For the latter, an imprisonment for a term of not less than twenty years is prescribed.’

As has been trademark, whenever this amnesty is announced, the government officer making the announcement uses a particular catch phrase, “in line with the International best practice.” NEMA DG did same once again.

The question is: what best international practice? Where in the world are killers and rapists trained and reintegrated into society? We challenge the Nigerian government to substantiate this claim.

Cameroon just killed another 80 or so Boko Haram terrorists. Kenya does not waste time killing its Al-Shabaab terrorists. Why is Nigeria always different?

Why Reward Boko Haram Terrorists?

Nigeria sentences kidnappers and armed robbers to death. Why are terrorists who kidnapped and raped the Chibok girls, being speedily trained to reintegrate these deadly risks back into society? Why do these terrorists get this bountiful reward?

Some of the most patriotic Nigerians in recent history have been the Civilian-JTF. While the army ran from Boko Haram under the flimsy excuse of not having been equipped…with the then military procurement officers under Dasuki, blamed for not purchasing their necessary equipment, Nigeria’s northeastern youth, the brave Civilian-JTF confronted Boko Haram without fear and fought them assisting the cowardly army and protecting neighborhoods with sticks and stones. Today the Buhari government has not began training these brave youth in “skill acquisition,” but is rather giving preference to Boko Haram terrorists who have destroyed lives and properties. Who have raped, maimed and killed. Who have rendered over 2 million Nigerians homeless.

God And The Law Of The Land Permits No Amnesty For Murderers And Rapists

While many of us have agreed to certain forms of amnesties, which do not include any skill training ahead of Nigeria’s good youth, the preconditions are clear: there must never be an amnesty for anyone who has killed and raped. This is best international practices. This is the type of amnesty Algeria gave its Boko Haram equivalents at the end of the “Black decade” of the 80s. This is the only kind of pardon the Nigerian constitution permits.

It is sad to see how the Nigerian government continues to violate the law without regard. Attorney Femi Falana was lamenting about this on Sunrise Channels TV show the other day.


We immediately call on AGF Malami who has defended this pardon for murderous terrorists to correct the FGN on this violation. We call on the CDS to check with the Attorney General and refrain from further illegal violations of the safety of the people he is appointed and paid to defend.

The ENDS new legal team will sue the FGN for violations of Nigeria’s most fundamental right: the right to life, if and whenever there is evidence of the release of murderous and rapist terrorists back into society.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

Update: The army released a statement claiming the reintegration is not an amnesty. This shows the reason why the military’s role is not in law and order. They simply do not understand. An amnesty= a pardon. As long as these Boko Haram members did not get sentenced by a court as the law prescribes, then they have been pardoned.