Buhari Rather Sit With Mosquitoes Than In Mosque, Inferred From “Two SSS'” Call Propaganda Audio in Circulation


A suspiciously recorded and circulated audio that comes the same day Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari’s wife suggested in tweets that her husband was not as bad as thought, makes a rather suspect attempt to show an “attached SSS official” saying all is well with Buhari.

The Suspicious Audio

In the recorded two minute-long message, an “officer”, “brother” in some versions, calls “the villa” to ask after Baba’s health and the second “officer” responded that Baba was fine and that he even came out to the garden at night to relax when some officers outside told him there were lots of mosquitoes there so he should go back in.

The audio continues that Buhari responded that he will instruct the fumigators to fumigate the whole place which was done the next morning.

In the audio, one of the “officers” claimed that Baba walked to the gate and then to his office that night before returning home.

Very noticeable in the audio was the “officer” all along repeatedly telling the other who made the call that he should forget all the talk on social media and that Buhari was fine.

While the president’s wife and presidency spokespersons including Minister of information, Lai Mohammed claimed the president attended a meeting with Minister of state Ibe Kachikwu and AGF Malami on Tuesday, multiple presidency sources have denied this release as staged news, saying Buhari never left his residence. There have been no pictures from Aisha or from the alleged meeting.

Buhari has not been seen in public since Friday April 21st when a viral article warned that he was “dying, locked up in Aso rock,” and the president has not spoken to the public since March 10th. 

NewsRescue advices the president’s handlers to fear God and stop the propaganda. The president is chronically ill. He is painfully thin.

Mamman Daura walks behind President Buhari (Ekekeee)

Buhari is a Muslim. A Muslim does not joke with Friday prayers. If all was well with Buhari as the so-called phone call intends to show then why would president Buhari miss last week’s Friday prayers, of importance not just for his faith but to reassure the nation?

This call intends to make Nigerians believe Buhari is fine and rather sit with mosquitoes than in the Mosque.

On a final note, it was entertaining how the so-called SSS officer cleared his throat after he had pressed record in the making of his propaganda audio clip.