Buharideenist Forces Buhari Presidency To Retract Fake News of ‘Police Rescue’ After Family Actually Paid Kidnappers To Free ABU Student


A staunch Buharideenist who registered his fanatical support for president Muhammadu Buhari’s 2019 reelection has taken to twitter to dismiss false statements from the Buhari administration of rescuing his family.

In the twitter tirade, Buhari’s PA, Bashir Ahmed had claimed the Kaduna state police had rescued the abducted three ABU students.

Rebutting this false narrative, Sadiq Ango went on twitter to attack the PA, stating that:

“It took us 48 long hours of negotiations with the kidnappers to secure the release of our sisters to us, NOT the police. Ransom was paid in full as negotiated with the three families involved.”

Buhari Forced To Retract Fake News, Apologize

Following the exposure, the Buhari presidency was forced to take down the fake news tweet and apologize for spreading false and dangerous misinformation:

A Buharideenist

Below is a tweet from the same victim now turned antagonist while he expressed unrelenting and fully committed support for Buhari’s reelection in 2019:

Dismay At Police Fake News Peddling

Nigerians expressed total displeasure at the Nigerian police for putting up false claims of rescue when no such action was accomplished:

Buhari with PA Bashir Ahmad