Canada devising ‘game plan’ for 2024 US election

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Melanie Joly, Canada’s Foreign Minister, says Ottawa is working on a government reaction to the probable ascension of an authoritarian leader in the United States following the 2024 election, stressing that officials are bracing for a “difficult situation.”

In an interview with a Montreal radio on Wednesday, Joly stated that officials are drafting numerous “scenarios” for the outcome of next year’s campaign in the United States, though he provided little details about the planning.

“In general, there is our game plan, precisely to be able to manage what could be a rather difficult situation,” she explained. “I will work with my colleagues, the mayors, the provincial premiers, the business community, the unions, and everyone in the country to ensure that we are prepared regardless.”

Campaigning for the 2024 presidential contest has already become contentious, with multiple polls showing former President Donald Trump as a frontrunner for the Republican nomination, despite a string of ongoing criminal lawsuits.

The most recent charge, filed earlier this week, accused the ex-president of breaching Georgia’s racketeering statutes, among other things, in connection with alleged efforts to nullify Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory. Trump is also facing lawsuit in New York over an alleged hush-money plot with porn actress Stormy Daniels, as well as separate federal cases for alleged classified document mishandling and election involvement.

While Trump has denied all wrongdoing in each instance, the idea of prison time for a former commander-in-chief and current presidential candidate has sparked concerns among some officials about political instability.

Law enforcement in Florida increased security procedures in the event of violent protests ahead of Trump’s first court appearance in his classified papers lawsuit.