Charity Begins At Home: Open Memo To Governor El Rufai On Governance And The Repositioning Of APC In Kaduna State

by Ahmed Tijjani Ramalan,

Your Excellency may recall that you wrote series of Memos to President Muhammadu Buhari as the leader of the Country and our great Party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) which was leaked to the Public of very recent, in those Memos, you expressed your concerns in the handling of affairs of the Nation by the Buhari led Administration.

Your message was received with mixed reactions by Nigerians, some called that action an uncommon courage by you, in the same light, some of us have been worried about the way our State has been handled since you assumed office and it is said that “Charity begins at Home”, most of the concerns raised in your Memo are actually the very same concerns that some if not most Stake-holders in Kaduna has over your leadership.  While I would not write a long Memo like yours but permit me to raise few of those concerns here.

We are approaching the Mid-term of your Administration as the Executive Governor of APC Controlled Government of Kaduna State.

The Party is Docile in its statutory duties and activities as a Political Party, No Executive Committee and Stakeholders Meetings from the Ward to State Levels is virtually non-existent since you took control of the State.

Most Stakeholders and members are feeling Used and Dumped and Lack of consultations in decision-making processes as it affects the Party at the Local, State and National Levels.

The Party at the State Levels needs to be properly constituted, and Vacancies filled as Urgent, including the Kaduna state vacant seat of the National officer in the APC NWC through Special Congresses before the National Conventions.

Your Excellency as the Governor and the Leader of the Party in Kaduna State, there is the Urgent need to facilitate and put in place a reconciliatory process to bring back all aggrieved members under one Structure as we prepare into the fort coming Local Government Elections in the State to avoid any un-pleasant Consequence in many Local Governments.

We need an emergency Stakeholders/Caucus meeting to advise all to bury the hatchet in the interest of our Great Party and to pursue the drive vigorously in membership and the Propagation of the Policies and the Objectives of the Programmes of the APC Government in the State

Nasir El Rufai



Jimi Lawal, Is the Powerful Advisor on Investment, Promotion, “Adviser Extra-Ordinary and Plenipotentiary, and De factor Vice Governor” to Governor Mallam Nasir Ahmed EL-Rufai of Kaduna State.

Your Excellency in your memo to the President, you claimed that the Chief of Staff was not part of the APC formation, campaign or elections, one wonders if your powerful Special Advisor, Mr. Jimi Lawal played any role during the APC formation and subsequently, if yes at what capacity or disposition, yet he is at the Government House in Kaduna State, no decision, policy or their implementation is ever taken without his approval or blessings, and were he to be part of Kaduna APC Chapter, perhaps there would not have been the feeling of neglect by the APC Family in Kaduna State as whole.

Mr. Jimi Lawal, a former Managing Director of the failed Alpha Merchant Bank who was convicted in Absentia in Nigeria for Criminal Acts of the Distress Alpha Merchant, abandoned thousands of devastated Investors while he ran into exile.

Today he is the one calling the shots in the APC-controlled government of Kaduna as a friend of EL- Rufai.

The Fear of Jimi Lawal is the beginning of wisdom in Kaduna State APC administration, he is alleged to be the most powerful official and the closest to the Governor and most feared, with his hands into all aspects of governance from procurement negotiations to projects executions, without following the the provisions of the Procurement Act and due process.

APC Stakeholders in the State with Dossiers on JIMI,
in the National and State Interest are appealing to their Governor Mallam Nasir EL-Rufai to Start the reform of re-positioning his Government by first disengaging the services of the questionable and convicted, Jimi Lawal as a Political appointee in Service of Kaduna State Government in the Interest of the War against Corruption, Impunity, and abuse of office.

Uba Sani is another high ranking member of your cabal, a close friend of yours who currently serves as your Special Adviser on Political Affairs and Inter-Governmental Affairs. He was a late entrant into the APC in 2015.

We advise the Governor to seek another and experienced foundation APC Member and a politician as your Special Adviser on Political Affairs.

Uba Sani as your personal friend and associate, can best serve you as your Special Adviser for Special Duties in (charge of Inter-Governmental Affairs and Protocol), he has proved to be resourceful in handling your runs between MDAs in Abuja, Lagos, and Kaduna, this will be in the overall interest of your APC Administration.


Ahmed Tijjani Ramalan


APC Caucus Kaduna State