Data: Fully Vaccinated Account for 43% of Deaths From 92k Total Delta Covid Cases in UK, 64% of All Dead Got At least a Dose


Being fully vaccinated appears to give only a marginal advantage in total covid deaths, current data form the UK shows.

Of 92,000 reported covid cases with a Delta prevalence in the UK, the fully vaccinated accounted for 50 deaths, approximately 43%. The current data as of July 1st also shows that 64% of covid dead had received at least one Covid shot. That is 75 of the 117 dead. This puts a majority of deaths in the semi or fully vaccinated. About half, 49% of the UK population has received the vaccine’s two full doses.

Seeking Alpha reports:

“According to Our World in Data, as of June 21st, the U.K. has fully vaccinated nearly 49% of its population. Approximately 66% of people have received at least one COVID-19 shot.

“However, the country is caught up in an uptick in case numbers as the highly transmissible Delta variant spread accounting for 146K identified cases over the past week, up 72% from a week ago. Currently, the prevalence of the Delta variant in the U.K. stands at 97%.

“There were 117 deaths among 92K Delta variant cases recorded through June 21. And 50 of those who died have received the two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, The Wall Street Journal reported citing data from Public Health England.

Transmissibility also appears to be quite high in the fully vaccinated and the fears of increased mutations in these groups add to questions on the real value of the current vaccines as the US re-imposes mask mandates on the fully vaccinated.

As vaccine passports become mandated across the world, many are left wondering and suspecting a conspiracy that empowers big pharma and reduces humanity and human freedom.