Deadly Crane Collapse: Time For Saudi Monarchs To Check Themselves – Prof Khalifa Dikwa

This HAJJ accident is too many

By Khalifa Dikwa PhD

The crane accident that killed 107 pilgrims this Sept 2015/ ZulQi’da 1436 AH needs a sober reflection. It took place in Makkah and forced me to reflect on the verse that guarantees the safety of pilgrims and see beyond the accident to draw our attention on the role of Saudi Monarchs on what is happening to Muslims across the world as refugees better treated by the mocking Europeans than Muslim countries that Saudi Arabia ought to lead in terms restoring peace and insisting that Arab and Muslim countries open their borders to welcome their fellow Muslims while embracing dialogue.

Allah made Makkah as the Qibla for the world to face it and pray and Madinah as the second Masjid wherein the tomb of Prophet Muhammad (saw) is located for Pilgrims to visit and pray. Allah ( swt) ordains HAJJ as the largest annual congregation of over 3 million Pilgrims from different parts of the world.  We must not forget that Allah has HIS WAYS of protecting the sanctity of his 2 holy sites if the Saudi monarchs abdicate their responsibility as well as to protect and stand for the dignity of Muslim women, children and men wherever they are.

We pray Allah not to punish us for the fault of the few among us. Not only Saudia monarchs have failed to lead the Muslim world since the assassination of King Faisal at gunpoint and removal and killing of his good student in the person of the Libyan President Ghadhafi but have also thrown their role and status of the servants of Islam to the wolves. Thus, Allah promised to protect Islam but only Him knows how to protect it when Muslim leaders are afraid of their fellow human beings rather than  Allah who created them and the world that they are bound to leave one day.


The same Saudia is being used by the enemies of Islam to fight, weaken or liquidate Iran as the only Power left whose govt and economy are not indirectly  run by the West to satisfy the above the Law country called Israel which was carved out of Palestine by the UN in 1948 via its errands or agents particularly among the US Republicans and lobby groups. Since then great leaders like Jamal ABDUL NASIR of Egypt, Faisal of Saudi Arabia, GHADDAFI of Libya etc the Muslim world lacked focus and played into the hands of its enemies and enemies of the entire humanity who have  not consistently challenged the Laws of Allah but also imposed them on our countries.

Since the exit of King Faisal, Saudi has gradually stopped helping Islam or the Muslim world with Universities,  Masjids, Scholarships,  food etc,  painfully it is now leading other countries to fight its next door neighbours (Houthis of Yemen)  to whom it could not even provide water and other palliative projects to reduce their poverty level with the excuse of fighting the influence of Iran in Yemen rather than lead other Muslim countries to anchor a robust dialogue machinery for peace and understanding  between Sunni and Shi’a.

The Saudi monarchs have forgotten or surrendered their leading role in the Muslim World. What would they have told the world if Muslims across the globe had boycotted HAJJ this year to protest the devil’s silence of Saudi leadership to the inhumane treatments of for their fellow Muslim refugees in different parts of the world while quick to intervene in Yemen for fear of the war getting closer to their crowns?

I pray Allah for the quick repentance of Arab and Muslim leaders.