N25 Million Scandal Rocking Delta NUJ: Why State Chairman, Nobert Chiazor’s Head Is Wanted On Rubber Plate

Secrets Reporters

 An independent investigation carried out by Secrets Reporters shows that allegations of financial embezzlement, sexual harassment and admitting fake journalists leveled against the Chairman of the Delta State council of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Mr. Norbert Chiazor are not true.
Widely placed sources who confided in our medium, debunked the claims that Norbert Chiazor embezzled the twenty five million naira he is been accused of.
In a letter dated august 5, 2015, signed by Mr. Felix Igbekoyi of Daily Independent Newspaper and copied to Vice President, NUJ, Zone F, Chairman, Asaba Correspondent Chapel, Chairman, DRTV Chapel, Warri and Chairman, State Information Chapel, Asaba, a copy which was obtained by our medium, had challenged the chairman to give thorough explanation to the executive members on how monies were spent.
But our findings revealed that such money never left the state coffers. Any money of such magnitude leaving the State coffers goes with documents to prove for references and other official purposes, and as at the time of investigation, we can authoritatively report that the project to build a Secretariat was on course during the Emmanuel Uduaghan led administration, where they planned to invite him to donate, but was never possible.
Records show that, the Vice Chairman of Delta State NUJ, Mr. Felix Igbekoyi has been causing problems in the council because he feels he is not carried along in the affairs of the state NUJ council.
After a thorough investigation, Secrets Reporters can report unchallenged that the genesis of the issues of allegations brought against the chairman dates back to the Thomas Reuters trip to United Kingdom which they first made in 2012, and also in 2013.
It has also been unraveled that the late Delta State NUJ Secretary, Mr.Gomo was dropped from the U.K trip for Felix to make it to the United Kingdom, which never went down well with Gomo then.
The NUJ constitution in our possession does not specify any role for the Vice Chairman, neither any other constitution, but to deputize in the absence of the chairman.
Mr. Nobert Chiazor appears to be a victim of circumstance on the issue at hand.
It is common knowledge that in the running of any administration, the chairman and the secretary runs the secretariat, but the vice chairman feels he is not part of the decision making process and the running of the administration, claim sources familiar with union and labor matters.
Members of Delta State NUJ whom we spoke with extensively queried why Mr. Felix Igbekoyi who has enjoyed so much of support from Nobert Chiazor now wants to fight him when he has been one of the greatest beneficiaries of the administration since they began.
“His sidelined that the secretary is carried along. Will the sec be dropped while vice chairman is carried along? Who runs the secretariat? All this fight is for personal interest.  He went to London for the first trip and Gomo was dropped for him to go. Osita the former chairman will brief you more”, an angry NUJ member told us.
From the DBS Warri chapel, we gathered that, members of the chapel never wanted Felix Ekwu as the chapel Chairman of NUJ but pleading from Chiazor convinced them to elect him for a second term. Surprisingly enough, competent sources alleged that he’s on the train of those calling for the Chairman’s head. He’s currently gunning to replace Chiazor, sources close to his camp confided in us.
To be continued…