Ebola May Kill Some Governors And Top Govt Officials And Why Fayose, Others Need Prayers – Popular Prophet

Dr. Kayode Adebiyi

A Lagos based man of God and General Overseer of the Power of Miracle Ministries located in Ikorodu, Lagos; Prophet Dr. Kayode Adebiyi has predicted that some Governors might possibly become victims of the deadly Ebola Virus. He also gave other prophecies about some top government officials, Ekiti Governor-elect Ayodele Fayose and the United Nations.

In an exclusive chat, Prophet Dr. Kayode Adebiyi explained how God has used him to predict some notable happenings in the country. In his words he said “I prophesied the death of Gbenga Adeboye, I also prophesied about the death of Late Bola Ige. I gave predictions about Tina, the african oyinbo that died in South Africa years ago. I prophesied the victory of Oyinlola when he wanted to contest as Governor, I also predicted the fall of Wabara. Same as Obasanjo’s Presidential victory, the release of Gen. Oladipupo Diya, Death of Abacha and many others’.

Below is all Prophet Dr. Kayode Adebiyi told PorscheClassy Media and wants to share with Nigerians:

(1) Two Governors and 3 High rank government officials with their families need prayer against Ebola virus. According to the vision God has revealed to me about them, I therefore advise all Governors and government officials not to take this message for granted. They must warn their family members, they should intensify more prayers and medically safe-guard themselves. God will have mercy on them if they didn’t overlook my word from God.

God also said African countries should be calm, especially those that have submitted their country to Him, they will soon find Remedy to Ebola but He will use this Ebola to arrest the heart of some people. He also said some people will locate unexpected favour and be upgraded as a result of Ebola crisis and some people will be punished as consequence of the evil they have done against humanity and their country.

(2) Some people are really after Ekiti State Governor-elect Ayo Fayose about his victory, He needs to pray more for his household and he shouldn’t limit his security details to government agencies alone, God said he should be spiritually conscious as well. God said Fayose and the present Governor should join hands together to move Ekiti state forward, because there are some proposals which Gov. Fayemi wish to accomplish in Ekiti state, God said he will use the new Gov. Elect Fayose to perfect them if only he’ll submit himself to God’s will. He should join hands with Gov. Fayemi to accomplish them, the two of them should allow peace to reign to avoid what might appear like a Civil war in Ekiti.

(3) Nigeria needs to pray against the sudden death of some Celebrities that may occur from now till next year September, the Celebrities too need to be very careful and prayerful. They should be more closer to God, I see some of them as victims of Sudden death, especially Female and some of them from Ages 34 to 66 years. God also said within this period some hidden stars among them will be exposed and be celebrated. I pray that God will have mercy on them.

(4) Some hidden politicians and some of those that has left some key posts in the government before will be back to assume important roles or appointments in 2015. I see some serving politicians/government officials losing their positions. Some of those who are still serving need to pray well, because they will be seriously and radically tempted by their political parties, the political career of some of them will be distabilised as a result of this but those who pray well and do not take this message for granted will be considered to move forward.

(5) UNO will launch new benefits and upgrade new security system that will cause more development in some Nations, but leaders of some Nations will not like some of the initiatives because of their selfish idea, meanwhile God is the one that will lead UNO. According to what God has revealed to me, the Lord will fight against any antagonist that stands against the mission.

(6) Unexpected change of weather will occur in some Countries in the World, it will affect some countries for good and some countries won’t find it easy, so it’s advice able to pray well on it.

(7) God will save some countries from unbearable disaster that’s meant to happen to them, because God will quickly call their attention to it and show them the possible cause from now till the end of Year, but we should pray that they yield to the warning and signs on time, so as to save lives and properties.

(8) American Government will launch and approve some policies that will favour Residents and Citizens, but Residents and Citizens should pray against some antagonists that will delay those policies or attach unfavourable sentiments, I see President Obama struggling to accomplish this mission, but some opposition will give him tough time to achieve his aim. I therefore advice all the Residents and the Citizens never to take this message for granted, rather they should pray well, God will have mercy at last.

(9) God will expose some terrorists soon, though they’ll be close to achieving their aim on a secret mission they are planing to carry out.

(10) Some Entrepreneurs will find favour before the end of this year in Nigeria.

(11) Nigerians should pray for peace during our forthcoming elections and I see Party to Party crisis that will claim some lives in some states. Therefore we as Nigerians should be praying against it and political leaders should calm their people down. God will have mercy.

(12) I see some Nigeria Armed Forces Personnel that will Receive honour, some will be placed on their rightful position, but some will need more prayer to sustain their position.


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