Elon Musk tweets that America has ‘been harmed by having’ this Democrat ‘as a senator’

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Elon Musk, the billionaire businessman, has argued that having Elizabeth Warren as a U.S. senator has “harmed” America.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made the remark in reaction to news that a Democratic senator from Massachusetts wrote to Tesla board chair Dr. Robyn Denholm, questioning her about Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and work running the social media network.

“Mr. Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and concurrent control of both Twitter and Tesla create serious legal concerns regarding conflicts of interest, labor law compliance, and corporate resource theft. As you may be aware, Tesla’s Board of Directors has a legal obligation to ensure that its CEO is fulfilling all of his legal responsibilities and performing as an effective leader. I’m writing to better understand how you’re dealing with these difficult situations so that I can assess current legislation and law enforcement in your area “Warren stated in his letter.

“The United States has absolutely been affected by having her as a senator lol,” Musk responded to Farzad Mesbahi’s remark.

“Elizabeth Warren is the last person I would ever want anywhere near Tesla,” Mesbahi tweeted, retweeting another account’s tweet, “Elizabeth Warren has written a letter to Tesla’s board asking whether investors have been harmed by the billionaire tech mogul’s time running the social network, per NYT.”