VIDEO: Shocking body cam footage shows shootout in front of police station in California

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Police in California have revealed startling body camera footage of an attack on cops in front of a police station in La Habra.

The video was taken during a deadly incident on August 6, 2021, after a woman called police around 7 p.m. to report a man following her on the freeway. He followed her as she drove to the La Habra police station.

“I’ve been turning, and he’s following me,” the woman explained to the 911 operator. “He follows me every time I change lanes.”

When they arrived at the station, the man got out of his car and headed to the foyer, where officers attempted to communicate with him over the intercom.

Moments later, La Habra police officer Mark Milward’s body camera footage showed him strolling up to the station, where 22-year-old Matthew-Tuan Ahn Tran was standing in the foyer. Abigail Fox, another cop, accompanied Milward.

Milward was seen briefly speaking with Tran, who denied following the woman, according to surveillance video from the station.

Milward moved away, only to turn around and see Tran aiming a gun at him. Tran opened fire on Milward twice.

According to reports, Ad Fox then opened fire on Tran, who died at the scene. The officer fired five shots, striking Tran in the head, right thigh, and body.

Milward was hospitalized for a week before being released. He was wearing body armor and sustained minor injuries.

Fox was cleared in the incident after a months-long inquiry. According to prosecutors, the shot was legal since she did not have time to de-escalate the situation or use less-than-lethal force. According to the prosecutor’s findings, an autopsy revealed that Tran had amphetamine, marijuana, and methamphetamine in his system.