Every Nigerian Do Something! Failure and Death ENDS Now!

Every Nigerian Do Something! Failure and Death ENDS Now!

EveryNigerianDoSomething.org– On Monday 18th of March a suicide bomber detonated his car at a crowded bus station in Kano. Dozens were killed in a most horrendous way and dozens more have been injured, maimed and many are on the verge of death. Many Nigerians will live with permanent body damage due to this incident. Many homes have been destroyed, bread winners killed, wives, children, friends and no-bodies. Tomorrow, Nigeria will move on, soon the rest of us will have forgotten this. Nigeria will not even declare a day of mourning for such heart wrenching loss.

We “survivors,” will continue our daily living without a memory of this event and those who fell victim of our failure as a nation. Yes, this has happened before, and nothing has changed.

kano bombAre we going to let this go by? Are we who happen to have survived still going to just allow our nation run in reckless abandon? Do we know that it could have been any one of us reading this today, thank God, that could have been killed or maimed in this horrible tragedy?

Nigerians, we whine, we talk, we complain, but obviously that is not enough. It is time that EVERY NIGERIAN DO SOMETHING. The government are not people we don’t know, they are not people we are not related to. We beg them for kobo and favor, while we know and allow people in the capacity of “My Oga at The Top,” who we know definitely do not have the skill’s set to occupy their positions, be in charge of our safety and security. Are Boko Haram spirits? Are they not people, not human beings, that we know and see them conspiring, but we let them go without doing something? How long will we sit and patronize this decay? Is it till we are killed by it?

Dear Nigerians, this is far from a call for violence, this is a call for good works. EVERY NIGERIAN DO SOMETHING Good today. Change something. Writing epistles, articles, talking, complaining, whining, these do Nothing. It is time for good and gracious actions. It is time to be proactive in determining the course of our destiny. If every single Nigerian did something good today, do you know that the world will shake? That our problems will start to end? The worst enemy of evil is good.

We are all waiting for the Savior, we say the world is ending. Is it ending only in Nigeria? Why then is it only Nigeria that has the worst government, the worst corruption, the worst urban terror, the worst kidnapping, high sea piracy, road accidents and on and on? Why do we fold our hands and talk and talk, instead of saving ourselves?

Dear Nigerians, it is enough. I am doing something. You must do something good too today, tomorrow, something proactive. You must be a part, the 170,000,000 of us are all victims, we may fly the fateful airline tomorrow, or ride that bus. We have to secure our lives. God help us. Fix something in your community. Apprehend a rascal. Tell him the day has broken, the time of his criminality is over. Reject begging a political thief for favor. Turn your backs on their entourage when they drive past you. Refuse to give a bribe, refuse to take a bribe. Clean a street, set up community care-taking committees and clean and secure your environment. Donate money to provide necessary communal infrastructure, security and communication. Teach a non literate some maths, some reading. No, I am not preaching, I am only trying to survive. I want us all to live till our old age as God wills.

Fellow Nigerians, the wicked leaders who utilize criminals and youth as thugs and terrorists and to cause chaos for political maneuvers and paltry gains. These greed-driven empty souls, only do so counting on your weakness, your wickedness, your failure to do something firm and good. These murderous vampires thrive on our common failure. But this 18th of March, let us use this date to define a new challenge for all the wicked people in Nigeria.

You sit down and allow “my Oga at the top,” lead you, who are at the lowest ebb in technological competence, while your terrorists are utilizing the highest and most advanced level of pain inflicting technology. How do you expect to be safe, when you are not proactive in determining the change you need and discouraging the merchants of death and devaluation of life?

Nigeria’s youth are the greatest victims of the failure to act. We have no future. Our teaming populations who are of no use to the recycled government except as hired assassins and terrorists have lost hope. But it is our fault. We only talk, we do nothing. Every where else in the world, people do things. It takes only you, only me, to quit talking and do and the ripple will change our situation. We hate politics. Oh oh, do we prefer death to politics? We leave politics in the hands of murderers because we are repulsed by it. Will we do so till we get blown up to shreds and more planes drop from the skies into our homes, because those who love politics declare presidential airport shut-downs and disallow distressed planes to land? Is that what we prefer?

Please do not talk any more. Close our mouths. Action. Fix, change, do, be proactive, reject, refuse, accost. Just do something. You can join PDP youth movement and try to enforce a different way of of doing things that considers the people and secures some future for Nigeria’s youth.

Or join APC or whatever new merger name they have and see if you can superimpose and force change through those who truly have such desire from among them.

And if you believe that Nigeria needs a comprehensive new beginning you can join the SNP youth party bud the new leaf.

Whichever you do at this point does not really matter. What matters is Every Nigerian Do Something! Do something. Do something good. Make a change. Never stop. “Like” this page, share this message, create your page, create your foundation, launch community movements, vigilantes, action groups, monitoring groups, over power the hooligans, overpower the barons, the bombers, the greedy rogues who steal more than they can ever use and lose it in banks abroad. The kidnappers. It is our Nigeria. Me and you are Nigeria. Nigeria no pass us, so if e bad, na either me our you bad.

Boko ENDS now!
Worst governance ENDS now!
Kidnapping, ENDS now!
Wickedness to our neighbor, ENDS now!
Bloody greed ENDS now!
Filthy environments, ENDS now!
Not helping not educating people ENDS now!
Bribe ENDS now!
Seeking favor from corrupt friends ENDS now!
Praising and patronizing corruption ENDS now!
Hiding criminals ENDS now!
Not condemning bad people ENDS now!

Tell us what you do @ www.EveryNigerianDoSomething.org Share your actions, join us and let’s talk about and plan and cooperate to do more and more till Nigeria has a new beginning. Let this be the beginning of our team work and collaboration as people.

God bless you as you do something today.