Explaining Miscreants And How Biafra Was Defeated A Second Time

Nnamdi Kanu with suspected Radio Biafra terrorists


While former head of state General Olusegun Obasanjo is widely perceived as an old broken clock, such clocks tell the right time twice a day. Obasanjo was right; the Nwannekaenyi Okwu-Kanu-led Radio Biafran agitators are miscreants. And being a miscreant does not mean having or not having college and even post-graduate and medical degrees as some of them have attempted to defend themselves…if they were educated enough to know. A miscreant is “a person who behaves badly or in a way that breaks the law.”

Now I am not writing this piece to poke at anyone. I am writing this to intellectually explain how these Jim Jones cultists are indeed miscreants by the best definition. Frustrated of Nigeria’s record like the rest of us, rather than attaining political control and approaching emancipation via many legal means, they were misled to the Shekau miscreant approach of bad behavior and illegality.

How Biafra’s 2nd Agitation Was Defeated…At the Polls This Year

Biafra has been defeated twice by Nigeria. The intellectuals know this; Nwannekaenyi Okwu-Kanu, aka, Nnamdi Kanu knows this, that’s why he decided to act as a chief miscreant and went on a desperate suicidal mission to Lagos, Nigeria. Biafra was defeated in 1970 but was defeated again in 2015. To be specific, the second agitation for the creation of a Biafra was defeated at the polls this March and April.

There is only one rule to attaining self declaration: you must want it. Desire: defined government, defined territory and population with that desire. Throughout the past years, Nnamdi Kanu did not want it. He was satisfied heavily levying Igbos across the world to finance his lavish lifestyle.

Throughout the years, Kanu was a pro-PDP bully. All he did with his station was recruit disciples to his religious cult and use terror to bully voters to the Jonathan-led PDP and away from the then opposition APC. Nnamdi Kanu was a mere political thug. His many statements against the APC including his recent paranoid declaration of triangles, that once APC wins Port Harcourt “we are extinct” as he said to astonished Igbos at the World Igbo Congress in Los Angeles this September, illustrated the simple fact. “We” in Nnamdi Kanu’s warped mind means “PDP.” We will be extinct, means, the PDP will be extinct. That is the only possible fact and evidence-based  interpretation of his statements. In the past, he has gone as far as condemning to death, APC politicians like Rivers state’s Rotimi Amaechi and Rochas Okorocha for being APC members. He called them traitors, traitors of Biafra=PDP. It is no accident the Kanu’s rapidly amplified agitation coincides with the investigation and charging of former PDP officials for their reign of grandeur corruption.

Now how did Biafra lose a second time to Nigeria? They lost at the polls…or slightly before when the miscreant leader tossed in the towel at the eleventh hour after “play” had been pressed.

Nnamdi Kanu had advocated for Jonathan all along. He was satisfied with the Jonathan-supervised pogroms of north Nigeria which were used to amass billions of dollars meant for equipping the Nigerian military. He was satisfied with the Jonathan-led army murdering three sons of Kaduna peaceful Sheikh Zakzaky and 30 other protesters and the Ihejirika-led ilitary burning down Baga in April of 2013. Kanu had no qualms with this. I had debated with him bitterly (Audio) on why he supported Jonathan and Ihejirkia. He pretentiously claimed they would restore Biafra, despite no Igbo representative’s mention of the name at the Jonathan hosted so-called sovereign conference.

Towards the end of 2014, everyone noticed Jonathan was going to lose the 2015 elections. Kanu did too. Unfortunately, many semi-literate and gullible Pro-Biafrans had pitched their tent with Kanu’s Radio Biafra. Thus the Biafra war was to be fought at the polls. There is no other responsible way to fight for self determination after all. Your leaders who you democratically elect are representatives of you. You can only move your position through them in civilized society. Your senators must be pro-Biafrans if this is what the people want. Your governors must be pro-Biafrans if this is the true desire of the people. Now if the people really do not support one-Nigeria as Aguiyi Ironsi made it with Decree No. 1 of 1966, then the majority of the electorate must, MUST boycott the presidential elections. This is the only way you prove in the civilized world that your region wants self-determination and wants out of the federation. You cannot vote for a candidate you identify with and when he loses then you declare war. This is what miscreants do. They do bad things and things against the law, local and international.

Kanu Ordered Igbos Not To Vote: They Did, He (Biafra) Lost

Realizing that if Igbos vote at the polls it means there is not true cause for self-determination, Nwannekaenyi Okwu-Kanu, aka Nnamdi Kanu at the last minute after he realized Jonathan was bound to lose, told his disciples to boycott the elections. The Biafra Zionists federation also realizing the imminent defeat, called on Igbos to boycott the elections as reported in the Vanguard this February. They did not listen, they voted.

This marked the second defeat for Biafra. The voter turnout in the East approximated the ~50% registered voters’ turnout nationwide. The call by the agitators for Biafra had been defeated at the polls. By going to the polls and trying to get Jonathan re-elected to rule Nigeria till 2019, Igbos had demonstrated that their majority did not want Biafra, they believed in Nigeria. Kanu did not even ask Buhari his opinion on self determination. He did not present a legitimate case to the UN. In a panic at the defeat, he went out soliciting guns and bullets to kill Nigerians. Actions of a miscreant by all means.

A Sorry Loser, Kanu Goes For Martyrdom

Unlike Ojukwu, Nnamdi Kanu was a sorry loser. He freaked-out and ran around the world, openly asking for guns and bullets to declare terror against Nigeria. Next he decided to put all in; sacrifice his life in a last ditch effort. Nwannekaenyi Kenny Okwu-Kanu decided to make what he thought will be the ultimate sacrifice to trigger an eruption: travel to Nigeria (not “Biafra”) and get yourself arrested.

Trust me, if Yorubas, Hausas or the real majority of Igbos wanted to secede, the polling booths in that region will be empty. The chiefs and governors and senators will propose secession or nothing. The governors of Igbo states today were elected by the populace, they represent the people. It is through them that any demands for true regionalism or secession must be submitted. If Nnamdi Kanu and his miscreant-led radio were popular in Igbo states, why did he not have the people boycott the elections or put his own pro-Biafran candidates as the governor of the states? That will be the smart and legal way to self determination, would it not? Take this as a tip from me. I totally support self-determination of the majority of the people demonstrably so-desire as proven by intellectual referendum. Quote me.

I challenge any intellectual Radio Biafran who wishes to prove he is more than a sorry loser and miscreant to debate my points in this submission.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian