EXPLOSIVE: Alleged Plot By the SSS to Frame Zakzaky Islamic Movement for Terror Attacks Uncovered [Document]

AS- An alleged sinister plan by the Department of State Security Service (SSS) to unleash mayhem on the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (Shiite group) who 35 of its members including the three (3) sons of their spiritual leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky were killedlast month in Zaria has been uncovered.

zakb5The Zamfara State Director of Department of State Security Service (DSS), Y.A. Kure was said to have sent a secret memo to the Zamfara State Commissioner of Police on the 9th of Aug 2014 alleging a plan by the Shiite group to unleash terror and shed more blood across the country.

The secret memo with reference number No. O.12/475 titled “Threat of Attack on Security Formations” and signed by the Director of SSS, Zamfara state, alleged that the Shiite group are planning to attack security units and formations across the country.

The memo added that the planned attack by the sect is to avenge the recent attack on their procession in Zaria, Kaduna state allegedly by the military which they claimed resulted in the death of their members.

It was gathered that similar messages were sent to all States Commissioners of Police by the respective Directors of SSS in their states.

Investigation however revealed that there is no such plan by the sect to carry out any form of attack in the country, but that the false alarm by the SSS is only a calculated plan to shift the blame on the sect should there be any attack.

One of the top member of the group who spoke on the condition of anonymity alleged that it is the security agents that are planning to carry out attacks in the country which they will in turn blame on the Shiite group so as to give them the opportunity to kill more innocent members of the group.

He said it is only those whose mental faculty is imbalance that can write such a thing like: ‘avenge the recent attack, alleging that the attack on security units/formations which will be blamed on the group has been planned to be carried out by a group of people assigned with the responsibility so as to justify their intent of killing innocent lives.

Interestingly, the sect leader, known for his hard stance against the Boko Haram sect had stated clearly that they were armless and never being armed in their history despite reports that they had a clash with the soldiers.

Though he expressed anger at the action of the soldiers, he however appealed to all brothers and sisters in the sect to remain calm, adding that his group would employ legitimate, peaceful and legal means to challenge the killing of 35 of its members.

“We are very angry, thirty-five members of our organisations were murdered by the military. It was a peaceful procession but they shot at our members unprovoked.”

“But in spite of the tragedy, we will remain peaceful. Islam is a religion of peace. And we are organised. We are matured, and nobody can provoke us into violence,” El-Zakzaky said.

his group would employ legitimate peaceful and legal means to challenge the killing of 35 of its members – See more at: https://www.premiumtimesng.com/news/165807-exclusive-sheikh-el-zakzaky-says-sect-will-seek-legal-redress-against-military-onslaught.html#sthash.4LRPlabw.dpuf

Another source described the alarm raised in the memo by the SSS as not only false and unintelligent, but a calculated plan to shut the sect members from demanding justice over the killing of its members.

reno-omokri-sanusi-bokoHe said the Islamic Movement is a mass movement comprising of people from all works of life-professionals in different fields, businesses, intellectuals, academics and would not be involved in any act of violence.

He wondered why in spite of the state of insecurity in the country, those who should be working to restore peace are the one promoting more atmosphere for insecurity for insecurity to thrive.

The grouse of the shiite group against the government dates back to July 25, when a group of soldiers  Opened Fire on the Shiite Muslims during their annual procession (Al-quds day) dedicated to the fight between Israel and the Palestinian militant group, Hamas.

While the initial death toll was put at 13, another attack by the soldiers a day after left more people dead with the total figure rising to 35. Among the dead were the three (3) sons of their spiritual leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

Zakzaky who stated that the soldiers took his sons away and then shot them, alleged that the presidency have a hand in the attack. The leader specifically said that the soldiers that killed his sons and the others were from the presidency.

Incidentally, Mr. Zakzaky had in June exposed an alleged plan by the Nigerian government through its western conspirators to assassinate him before the holy month of Ramadan or any day in the month. He stated that Some government sponsored MOSSAD and CIA Agents stormed his residence to assassinate him.

Although the presidency did not react to the accusation of the assassination attempt, just as it did not on the killings which occurred on the last Friday of Ramadan, sources within said Aso Rock was embarrassed by the conduct of the soldiers who opened fire on the protesters, describing the sect leader as a man held in high esteem in view of his stance against the activities and pronouncements of Boko Haram. The source added that the presidency ordered security agencies to investigate how members of the sect were killed because El-Zakzaky’s group has openly preached against insurgency. The military authorities also promised to investigate the incident.

But when it became obvious that no investigation was forthcoming and the presidency still did not officially react to the incident, El-Zakzaky spoke again, alleging that the silence of the Federal Government on the killing of his three sons confirmed there was conspiracy.

See the memo from the SSS to the Police in Zamfara state.