#FakeNews Audio of So-called Anti-Igbo Plot First Circulated 2015 Is Not Shettima – NewsRescue Analysts

Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima


“Anyone who knows Borno governor Lashim Shettima’s voice will know from the first word that the audio is not the governor,” NewsRescue top analysts said immediately they listened to the tapes. “Governor Shettima has an unmistakable continuous lisp not heard at all in the tape.”

The same audio was circulated by Radio Biafra and theTrentOnline right after the 2015 elections where the same Hausa man was talking to another so-called Kunle. That time the voice was said to be that of Honorable FarouK Aliyu. The Trent claimed to know the source of the suspicious audio.

We discounted it then in this article as the type of mischief of the St. George and the Dragon, Nzeogwu and Sardauna loaf of bread that provoked killing of Igbos in the north.

The suspicious recirculation of the audio which has even been hosted in Vanguard shows a very malicious attempt to provoke Igbo-Hausa sentiment and deadly strife.