First They Killed the Christians, Today They Kill Shia Muslims…


When there was supposed to be a Miss World beauty pageant in Nigeria, they looked for and killed Christians and burnt Churches. At every opportunity, for things that happen in distant places within and far from Nigeria, they have killed Christians in the north in glee. I am speaking of the takfiri fanatics.

Not too long ago in Zamfara state, they killed themselves while trying to kill a Christian who had luckily escaped.

It was because of this custom of killing Christians that when Boko Haram started bombing churches every Sunday, no one criticized the terror organisation and some even cheered them on…till Boko Haram became a monster and killed them too. Even then, until 2014 when Buhari began his campaign, very few northern scholars openly condemned Boko Haram. The Sultan did not and nor did Buhari. This is a fact. The few who did included the Muslims Against Terror organisation, Sheikh Gumi, Sheikh Pakistani, Jingi and a great scholar who paid dearly for boldly exposing Boko Haram’s alleged roots, Sheikh Albani Zaria…among other unique sheikhs. Overwhelmingly the north was quiet. Perhaps Boko Haram would have ended long ago.

Takfiri: Point, Label and Kill

“Takfiri” refers to a strain of extremist foreign influenced Muslims who are indoctrinated to point, label and kill. They point at you, declare you a heretic, blasphemer or fake Muslim, then believe they have authorization to kill you.

Christians are fair game for them and tens of thousands of Christians have been killed by them through out Nigeria’s lifespan. they can kill a Christian in Bauchi because another unrelated Christian drank beer on the street in Kano. Takfiri are thirsty for blood. They eagerly wait for any chance to take a life.

Takfiri youth attack Shia Muslims across north
Takfiri youth attack Shia Muslims across north

Boko Haram was for them a dream come true. A group that fulfilled their takfiri desires to annihilate “unbelievers” en mass. It is no surprise that today all of a sudden and in tandem with the state promoted persecution of Nigeria’s Shia Muslims, Boko Haram has placed Shia Muslims as top target, as seen again in its latest video. Perhaps trying to receive pardon and blend in with the popular extremist northern drive and apparent government posture.

Today, encouraged by the actions in Kaduna last December and continued persecution by the Nigerian government that is yet to act 9 months later, against those indicted in the mass murdered Shia Muslims and secret burial of them, the Shia Muslims have come under the crosshairs of these takfiri extremists.

At first we thought it was the Islamic Movement of Nigeria the northern governor led by Kaduna’s Nasir el-Rufai was attempting to ban, but when all Shia religious activities and centers and homes were invaded and obstructed by the police and accompanying hoodlums, it was clear that it was Shia Islam as a whole that was the target.

Thugs, muft-dressed policemen or takfiri hooligans in police vans
Thugs, muft-dressed policemen or takfiri hooligans in police vans

In what has been described as a state security promoted or supervised hack-down, across Nigeria’s northern states takfiri youth had their fill of Shia Muslim blood during their marking of the Muslim Ashura Holy period. No less than one dozen Shia Muslims were killed by police, army and takfiri youth. Not a single violent takfiri youth was arrested and images even showed either plain clothes policemen with the clubs used to beat the Shia Muslims or armed takfiri youth riding on the backs of police vans. The police has not commented on these disturbing images.

Commending Shia Muslims For Their Tolerance And Patience

One must always commend the at least 7 million strong Shia population of Nigeria for their unprecedented and unrivaled behaviors of tolerance. Shia represent at least one in three Muslims in Nigeria’s north. Had they been as intolerant as other groups, violence and terror would have broken loose since Jonathan first killed three of their prominent leader’s sons and definitely after the Buhari government killed three more sons among hundreds of other faithfuls and blinded and arrested their leader and his wife after a protest.

Today as mentioned above, machete and log wielding takfiri youth were freely seen in images on the prowl after Shia Muslim blood and it was not a news item or issue for the same state security services who allowed them to spot and kill Shia Muslims across the north. We thought these security men had a disdain for those who were above-the-law? Apparently not so when it is takfiri youth or rampaging and colonizing Fulani/Libyan terror-herders.

May the patience of the Shia Muslims not wear out. Ameen.

Takfirism And Intra-Muslim Intolerance, Banned By Allah(s)

The Muslim Holy Quran specifically predicts this behavior and condemns it in no ambiguous terms. The Quran says what means that whoever kills and innocent person, it is as though he has killed the entire humanity.

An killing a believer is even worse: Quran 4: 93 And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the Wrath and the Curse of Allaah are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for him.


On the attack of some Muslims by others. The Quran addresses and warns against it and predicts its impacts on Islam and the larger world in these two intriguing verses of the same chapter:

Quran 8:46 And obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not dispute and [thus] lose courage and [then] your strength would depart; and be patient. Indeed, Allah is with the patient. 

Quran 8:73 The Unbelievers are protectors, one of another: Unless ye do this, (protect each other), there would be tumult and oppression on earth, and great mischief (fitna). (Yusuf Ali)

Take a look at the Muslim world today and the truth of these verses is easily picked up. In a shame to Islam, millions of Muslims are fleeing to Europe as refugees due to intolerance. Even disbelievers can do it, Allah(s) says, why can’t you? The Middle East (excluding Egypt) is roughly evenly divided between “Sunni” and “Shia” Muslims. Islam bans dividing the faith into groups.

Implicated governor El-Rufai meets Mufti Menk las week
Implicated governor El-Rufai meets Mufti Menk las week

Interestingly it was sheikh Mufti Menk who had just visited governor Nasir el-Rufai a day or so before he announced his persecutory ban, that brought these verses to my attention as he preached and cried for intra-Muslim tolerance and unity. I wonder if Mufti Menk knew of the atrocities and brought this up with the governor in whose soil at least 350 Muslims were buried in secret by his and army chief Buratai’s hands.

But takfiris will not read these verses. They are misled by their takfiri scholars who are paid top dollars by foreign entities implicated in a battle for Muslim world dominance. A Podesta email just leaked by WikiLeaks pointed to America’s concern with these foreign nations that sponsor Boko Haram, ISIS and other takfiri terror groups and terror scholars and governors.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian