Forty One Years On Throne – Emir Of Zazzau

By Malam Isah Abbas Ahmed

Not 41 seconds or 41 minutes, neither 41 hours nor 41 days, and of course not 41 months. It is 41 years that you have being on throne. Out of these whole years, no single second you spent happened to be unimportant. All your life and reign as Emir of Zazzau have been and is still being very important to the development of the entire people of Zazzau Emirate, Kaduna State, North and Nigeria at large.

Being close to and learning from you is one of the most significant things that will happen to any well-meaning person. Your unimaginable love for peace is very rare amongst leaders of any kind. The concern you always show about your subjects and beyond can only be rewarded by our Creator. Your humanly kindness and ultimate care for less privileged is hardly found in leaders nowadays.

emir zazzau

You were, have been and are still a FATHER to ALL. You treat all without any discrimination nor division. You, perhaps more often, stand in the gap created by nature in an event of death to the families of your deceased subjects. You always preach peace, justice, equity and crime-free society with focus to hard drug-free community.

All the qualities mentioned above qualified you to be referred to as THE MOST UNIQUE EMIR.

Ran Sarki Ya Dade! Your entire life is worth of emulation. With your constant guide and care, the Entire people of Zazzau Emirate will be nurtured towards the right direction.

May Allah provide you long healthy live. May He (SWT) continue guide and protect you.