Fugitives In Own Country; Advice To New Office Holders, By Joe Onwukeme

by Joe Onwukeme

Persons of interest who pandered to the whims and caprices of the former profligate government and also elevated corruption to its pervasive status are yet to recover from the wind of change that blew and swept away the immediate past prodigal administration.

They are every where but no where and have become not only fugitives of public opinions but are also what could be described, metaphorically as “fugitives from themselves”.

They have remained subjects of national criticisms— whose mere appearance anywhere immediately intensifies unqualified disgust among the people.

They include but not limited to the old corrupt political order who under the umbrella of impunity plundered our treasury and left the Nigerian state one wave short of a ship wreck. Fiscal indiscipline and daylight looting of public funds gained global currency, not until they met their waterloo in the garden of change.

The fear of the new Sheriff— a martinet of discipline, has gone beyond jittery feelings. Many of the past highly detached individuals are now shadows of themselves.

For those that are being investigated for potential arrest— personal tragedies like chronic ailments and untimely deaths have become routine.

Fugitive-ailing politicians fleeing from extradition now prefer to run back home than allow Interpol and other International authorities fight over whose handcuffs will be on their hands, legs etc.

The UK National Crime Agency has already made a shine out of one of our own that allegedly fled to UK in order to evade arrest.

They have become victims of their negligence— A natural law of reciprocity. An extended expression or consequence of wicked acts from a past action. Understanding the Law of Karma sums it all.

Those that failed to hid the voice of reason in the past have turned fugitives in own country— running from pillar to post, buying up the media, hiring legal guns to defend their loot in court and engaging some demented youths in protest to garner public sympathy.

While we await a dose of justice to be served to the past permissive public servants who turned public trust into gluttonous accumulation ventures.

I will advise the newly appointed cabinet members who may decide to choose perfidy instead of service to beware of becoming fugitives in own country.


Joe Onwukeme writes from Enugu


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