#GESTAPO: Publisher 247ureports.com Invited By SSS

Press Release: My invitation to DSS Owerri 
At about 3pm on Monday, I received a call from this number 0909 497 7344. The person introduced himself as Ugochukwu from SSS.  He then said the Director of SSS at Owerri wants to See Me. I quickly responded, is it SSS or DSS? And who exactly are your looking to speak with.
Sounding a little agitated, he said, the SSS wanted the owner of the phone number (08136697979) to come see their Director.
I then asked him to make a formal invitation. Of which, he responded that I should not make this difficult.
I switched off the phone immediately and stopped answering his calls.
I am not sure why the Owerri DSS would be inviting my person. I do not reside in Imo State.
But, of recent, 247ureports.com had published reports critical of the Imo State government particularly against the excesses of the office of the 1st Lady of Imo State.
We had also published critical reports against the APC government in Owerri over it’s mistreatment of Biafra activists.
Efforts by fellow publishers and lawyers to reach the DSS in Owerri through the number published above yielded no response. They had tried to reach the DSS to inquire on the reasons for the invite.
At the moment, I await the DSS’s next attention. As I have not been able to confirm that the call was indeed coming from the DSS.
Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe